Wednesday outing

It was a Wednesday morning. We had planned this for almost a week already; to go to Singapore Tourism Board to find out all the information that we need, both for studies and working in Singapore.

Of course, I have been hoping for this outing since a week ago when a friend helped me to convince L of the meet up. I know that it was something awkward for L because he has been avoiding me for quite some time.

After the encounter with L 2 nights ago, things seems to be on the okay side.

So come Wednesday morning, we meet up at his place, and went to KL for breakfast. I did not want to have breakfast near his place for the fear of his family might be around the area. We parked our car in one of the malls in KL, and go on foot for the most of the day.

L needed to go to the washroom, I told him that I will wait for him at Starbucks, which I did. We sat there for a while to discuss our plans for the day. Internet was not accessible at that time, so I called to a friend to check up some information that I needed for me. I put my phone on my lap. When we left Starbucks, I conveniently forgot that my phone was on my lap, and I left/dropped my phone at Starbucks.

L tried to call me again on the phone when we were in the washroom on the way to our next destination. L thought that I was missing when he had missed me when we were in the washroom. The call must have triggered someone in Starbucks to pick up the phone and kept it for himself. Several calls to my phone only to be unanswered, so the phone was gone forever. I called to Maxis immediately to suspend my line.

The whole ordeal did not just end that way. I was so frustrated with myself, that I felt that I have burnt L. Mainly because I have never lost a handphone before.

When we reached our destination, we looked for everything that we need. We found more about accommodation and all, and everything seems to be good. The location of the hostel that L would be staying is nearby the Institution that L is going to enroll as well. We then clarify about working part time with student pass and etc. However, most of the information that we received are contradicting with each other, therefore we need further research in that.

After spending almost 2 hours there, sketching on the maps for ‘places of interest’, writing down notes, we were finally done.

We walked across to one of the premium malls in KL. Luxurious actually. The last time I remembered going there which was also my very first time was with L. We just walked a bit and with the Christmas deco, it was nice. A lot of the shops are still not done yet, and this day, we saw the best that the mall has got to offer.

It was just walking around the mall, but it was exciting for me because I had not been doing this with L for a very long time again. We also checked out the Versace bag, and I can see L is really loving it. I am so going to buy that bag for him.

Then, I remembered that since we are in the area, we should head over to Maxis to get my line fixed, a new sim card. We dropped by KLCC to walk around, and this is when L saw the GA bag, but he refused to go in to have a look for the fear that he might not want to let go. I would estimate the price of the bag around the range of RM3000-RM4000. I am still in love with the Versace bag, it was a truly love at first sight.

We went to Machines, where I have told L that I would buy him a MacBook for his studies. He tried everything out, the keyboard and such. He was also plugging in his iPod Touch to the speakers to try them out. He was afraid that sometimes when he was watching movies on is iPod, he would accidentally walk away dragging the iPod along when trying to answer a call or something. Then, these speakers were not build for iPod’s horizontal viewing, which quite defies the purpose. Some of these speakers were good, some were just exorbitant. This is how Apple Inc. earn money. By having all these iPod ready product in the market. Truly a good marketing strategy.

We went back to the other mall again because of the traffic, and we were bored walking at KLCC. We walk and walk and walk and just enjoying each other’s company.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I burst out on L. It was a simply thing, but I can just burst out like that. It was a suggestion that I gave to L. We were browsing some books in Times, and I saw that Singapore has got a few nice camp sites, I told L that maybe we should try camping out instead. He told me he was tired of camping, which was totally contradicting when he said last couple of months that he do not mind camping out at Cameron when we get our plants for the terrarium.

It went on until I sent L back, in which I have tried everything that I could to apologize. I promise him I will not burst out on him, never ever again. It hurts, both L and me. Sigh. Why can’t I just be a little sensitive sometimes?

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2 Responses to Wednesday outing

  1. Paul May 3, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    Aiks. Nothing worst these days than losing the phone during an outing.

  2. Cedric Ang May 4, 2008 at 2:39 pm #

    Yes, I agree. Then again, old one don’t go, new one won’t come.