Using a condom

The thought of trying out different condoms just occurred to me. Yes, for a person that do not believe in the use of latex, I suddenly thought of that.

Well, seriously, how many of you out there have been thinking of this kind of ‘experiment’ before. Having a latex wrapping your dick and then you make love with your lover just doesn’t give you the kind of feeling that you will get if you prefer the otherwise. In a nutshell, you have people reviewing different technologies of a car, different computer chip, different this and different that and yet one for something that has been in the history of man kind for so many years, it was neglected.

In the fast paced modern world, many people just come and go. You do not know their health status, and often you just fail to question them. It comes to the only assurance that a gay guy can have, is a latex in between. Seriously speaking, how effective are these grody smelling thing against the disease that one do not speak of? According to the research done world wide, condoms are deemed highly effective, but even at CDC’s website on the effectiveness of condoms preventing HIV, I could not find any numbers that indicates the success of prevention method. In fact, as quoted by the CDC, the only 100% assurance that one can get is not to have sexual intercourse. Of course, there are also articles out there that states HIV sometimes transmit via oral sex.

What is life without sex?


Well, we know that some form of protection is better than nothing. A lot of people that I know out there, were ‘forced’ to use the latex than to actually enjoying sex with condoms on. In some rare cases, people are thinking of having a cock in their ass is much more nicer than having latex. So why did I decide to make these ‘experiments’?

Well, for the sole purpose of practicing safer sex, and to educate. (Notice I don’t use the word safe sex here?)

Throughout my sex life, I have tried many different kind of condoms. One that that I have not tried is the sheep intestines condoms, which by the way, is not effective in HIV or some STI infections.

My reviews will be based on the actual account of using it, and before any smart alec decided to say anything, no I am not a sex maniac, I am just a lover to a lovable boy whom I have am fond of being together with him. Having sex is just part of a relationship, and I think is equally important in one.

As a benchmark and guide, the condoms will be used by me, and I measured at 5 3/4 inch on a good day with the diameter of 1 3/4 inch. There is a proper way of measuring the penis, but let’s go with the general method first. For the review, I will also be using lubricant from ID Glide which is a water based with Nonoxynol-9 that kills the swimmers. I have used this lubricant for non condom situations, and it performs well. I would prefer the silicon based lubricant which is also condom friendly but unfortunately I have run out of those.

I hope you guys would enjoy the upcoming reviews as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Remember, play safe, it is what keeps us from perishing from earth.

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2 Responses to Using a condom

  1. famezgay December 29, 2007 at 1:01 pm #

    Anyway the latex feel is really quite sucks.. But still safe sex is really very important with 1 out of 8 gays in Malaysia is HIV+!

  2. Cedric Ang December 30, 2007 at 5:35 pm #

    famez, I agree. Then again, if you sleep around too much, you have to practice that. Else, get a boy friend lor