Trip to Melaka

I think I must have been crazy. Went to Malacca to meet up with a friend that I have met on ICQ. I left my place at about 12 in the afternoon. I wasn’t sure to use Kesas Highway or the Sungai Besi highway which is the one that I usually used to go to Seremban.

I have not seem this person before, the only time that I see his face is from a picture that he sent to me. From the picture it seems that he is a nice adorable boy. He sent me another picture, which looks very different from the first picture that he sent me, with a little assemblence.

We chatted a lot on the phone, SMS and on ICQ. I really like him, and his voice is so adorable. We planned this meeting for almost a month already.

I reached there at about 1:30PM almost 2. It wasn’t really that hard to find the Martin’s place. Although I did make some wrong turns but it was all okay. Was a bit tight on budget, so I did not lodge in to some luxury hotel. Besides, its a change for me to stay at some low cost inn.

We tried the first inn, sadly there were no extra rooms but there will be one that will be checking out later in the evening. Thought I would check back later and we went to some shack to have some cendol to kill time.

Went around the area to look for some other inns, the next one that we enquired charges RM110 for a deluxe room. I went on looking for another one. Finally found one which I think is reasonable.

Checked in, and rest a little while. Martin went for the shower and there are a few mosquitos flying around. While waiting for Martin to finish his shower, I was quite surprised that he is so open with sleeping with strangers.

Martin is having his SPM this year, I think he lied to his parents about going to his friend’s house to study because he brought a book along with him when I fetched him.

My air-con went dead for a while, I think it was because I was speeding quite badly on the highway. The journey is boring, what can I do?

Anyways, after we took our showers, we hugged each other for a while. I got a little horny and he started blowing me. It was great. He let me fucked him too, and I came inside in, deep.

I took a nap and we went for dinner after that at Kenny Rogers. I saw Royal London Circus and I thought of watching the show. Martin wanted to catch Malaysian Idol so I just stopped by there and take a look at the place.

There were Astro service in the restaurant of the inn, I went to the room and wanted to watch Initial-D. I joined Martin after a while and I think that Malaysian Idol is just pure boring. I really do not know what is so exciting about it.

We went to bed after chatting a while. Had another hot session. His tighness was just nice, not too tight. We did use a lot of lube.

The air-con was really cold, we basically hugged each other to bed.

During the morning, we played a while, I think I unload myself at least 3 times inside him. We had breakfast together at the restaurant together. Checked out and sent him back.

After I reached back, I saw his “other” picture that I had long time ago, it looked like the same person but I did not confirm that with him. I think I had a great weekend.

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