Traffic Surge

For the past few days, I have been getting average about 100+ hits on this website.

Just now, when I look at my traffic again, to see what keywords people are coming to my site, when I saw the traffic numbers are at the high 300+ visitors, I was happy. When I look at the details of these visitors I was devastated; because Chan Lilian have plugged me.

You see, the reason why I have kept the blog in such low profile is because I just want somewhere to blog about my “fantasies” and it gives me some sense of belonging. By doing that, not only people know that it is me, I felt pressured!

Who knows what is the future of this blog. Of course I want it to be famous, but in the mean time, I do not want people to know it’s me. I felt a little uneasy when people are guessing that I am who I am, but then I would just have to deny it, for the sake of well,

I seriously hope that my dad don’t find out about this, then again he hates Chan Lilian’s guts to the max and I don’t think he will read her blog. I guess I am safe, for now.

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