Traffic annoyance

You know sometimes you see patrol cars stop random people by the road side, and then check on their IDs and stuffs. It makes me wonder what sort of ‘algorithm’ do the patrol car uses in order to identify you to be one that they can stop.

It is one of these days that I was stopped by a patrol car. I saw the patrol car following pretty closely, and I picked up speed a little. The patrol car did the same, and then over took me from the right, and signaled me to stop by the side.

I did.

One of the officers told me to step out of the car, which I did.

He saw the sticker that resemblance their royal force’s, and they were questioning me what was it all about. I showed them my letter, and they finally convinced. Even for a small matter like this, it took them quite a fair bit of ‘judgment’.

Later that night, when I was spending a friend back after having dinner together, I stumbled upon a road block by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

They stopped me, and I was pulled to the side. It was a massive operation where a lot of modified Protons and Perodua was stopped. My Nissan was the odd one, though. I pulled aside, and waited for an officer to approach me. A minute pass-by, and still no one. I reversed my car, engaged into first gear, and floored the accelerator.

No one chased me. I was probably too fast.

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