I met Tommy when he was still doing his Form 4. I cannot really remember how did I knew him but the first few years of friendship was quite okay.

He came to my house a few times, and once I remember touching him and he actually allowed me to take off his pants and masturbated for him.

It was around this year that Tommy started coming to my house again. He let me sucked him for a few times and then he hesitantly fucked me back. The way he fucked is okay but there is this weird feeling. Maybe its because he is too used of having sex with his girl friend.

Last month or so, he gave me a call telling me that his girl friend is pregnant. There is nothing I can really do about it except that I asked him to go for the abortion. His girl friend refused.

I talked to him a bit, and finally he listened to me and talk to his parents about it. I think he made a good choice doing that than trying to hide way with his girl friend, which will turn out to be a even worse situation.

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