To those that think I give a fuck

I do not understand why do you people think I give a fuck what you people think if L.

L is a sweet boy, call me ignorant but I do not think that he is a money boy. Things between us did not work well, and I am trying to make things work, L too believes that things might work well between us, that is why there is this gap that both of us left ourself before the actual “breakup”.

Yes, we officially ended back in April, earlier but I choose to ignore the details. To me, it never ended back then because after that, we got back together, had loads of fun spending time together, making love (mind you, not sex!) and just being in the presence of each other.

I would offer to send him to college, most probably because I wanted to spend more time together with the boy.

However, I do not understand why people like to tell me what to do. Sure enough the boy had hurt me tremendously, but think about it, that does not warrant for me to forget about the good things that the boy and me done together.

We had thought that we might be good together, but the attitude and the different behaviors of both of us proves otherwise.

Surely I have spent a lot of money on the boy, but I know that the boy being together with me wasn’t because of that. The boy had no choice but to tell me that he wanted to stay away from me, not because he do not love me anymore, but because of the predicament that he is in. He was unable to move on without thinking about me, we were too deeply in love.

That gives me even more excuse not to forget about the boy, the boy had left me for a reason, because I have threaten him.

Now, for the people that keeps on telling me to forget about the boy, well all I can say is, fuck off.

I do not need these, I do not need anyone to tell me to leave the boy because the boy is of no good to me. I want to keep the memories, the good, and the bad together with me. I want to wait for the boy, whether he is open up again, or the slight chance of being together again.

Slim it might be, but love is something no one can explain.


2 Responses to To those that think I give a fuck

  1. Justin October 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Hmmm….LOVE…… Im speechless =)

  2. william October 16, 2008 at 10:06 pm #

    Just ask those who keep on telling you this and that to fuck off… don’t they realized 3rd parties are not suppose to give comments on other’s relationship?? this is a world between both of you, nobody has the right to interfere.

    hey dude, i respect you for being so loyal 🙂