I must have been the most happiest guy on earth right now.

Indulging myself with the cake that David had bought me, it sent me into deep thoughts again.

Secret Recipe

I do wonder somethings, why can’t we as human being be nicer to each other, and everyone is happy. Instead, we choose to have our selfless thoughts, putting our differences in front of us all the time, and often us that as an excuse to take grudge against one another.

Without a doubt the outing with David was a good one.

Pavilion was the place we visited. David wanted to get himself a short pants, and we went all over Pavilion scouting for one. We both agree that our taste in men are separated by the space the separates the heaven and earth. It was just way too much difference.

I would going out with a young guy, somewhere between the age of 18 to 22. Doesn’t have to be perfect looking, decent personality and a nice smile would be a plus. David on the other hand, prefer the more hunky mature type of guy, ranging between the age of late 20s to early 30s. Of just maybe, it is a good thing.

At Philosophy Men, we saw this really nice pair of trousers. We went in to the store also to check out the two hot guys there. Well he the older one, and me the younger one.

It was also the first time where David stripped himself in front of me, revealing that sexy brief of his, and in black. Sporting a good set of abdominal muscles, I can see why Harry was so fond of David as well. Although it was just a ‘sneak preview’ I had always imagined how David would be like from all the teasing that I give him all the time. Some people are just born with a good set of abdominal muscles, I supposed.

We spent more time walking around Pavilion. I think nothing had changed much since the last time I set my foot to Pavilion. Same old people, same old this, some old that. Perhaps the additional stalls and coffee house, but I think nothing has changed.

Perhaps one of the reasons that I refuse to get myself into Pavilion is because me and the boy used to go there almost every alternate week. Besides Midvalley, we had wandered all around KL, helping the peons polishing the floors of the malls with our brand new Nike’s and Adidas’.

I remembered telling the boy one that that I would give him a thousand ringgit spending money. He was stressed out, and I thought perhaps some retail therapy was best for him.

While penning down this entry, I cried again. Thoughts were lost because there are just too many of them to be put into words and writings.

Whilst I miss the boy a lot, while many had happen after the year that we broke up, I do not think I would wish that we both get together again. I do hope that we can remain as friends, taking care of each other. At least, perhaps, some people are much more happier than me right now.

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