The Zoo Adventure

It came to me suddenly, perhaps because I was a little horny; Have you ever thought of the excitement or pleasure of having sex in public, or rather, having sex in a zoo?

It was a fantastic outing on that Saturday evening when we decided to head over to the Zoo. The weather was just right, although it would be better if it wasn’t too humid. The sky seems a little gloomy that it felt like rain is going to fall right on our head soon.

Finding for the parking only leads us to the dead end. The parking area was so hideous that we missed it at the first glance.

Besides the noisy idiots that could not identify the male lions and the female lions, the zoo was quiet. Birds are chirping, the rat is enjoying stealing food from the birds, the young deer over there is enjoying the attention that I am giving.

Whilst I was busy focusing my camera on that jungle cat, I felt a warm breath on my neck. Slowly, something grabbed me from behind.

It was my darling, the same person that I have been dating with for several months. He grabbed me from the back, citing that the place is kinda empty. We exchange kisses, I kissed him on his sweaty neck, and it strike my senses into the new era.

Whilst I have tried having sex at various undisclosed locations, trying it in the zoo especially in the night safari is going to be the first. Never had I had the thoughts of trying that.

First, we were at the place where they kept their camels. It was quite open air, and we can still see the slight hint of the evening sky slowly fading into the darkness. Giving him a kiss more passionately, I continue south to his neck, and slowly moving on to his nipples, giving both of them a nice ticklish lick with my tongue.

At that time, there was already a bulge building inside both of our pants. A bulge that we bough could not deny. I un-zipped his pants, and bend down towards that bulge that is already building a tent on his under pants. Sexy, I thought to myself. Pulling off his underwear, I gave it a quick lick on the skin, slowly pulling the foreskin down with my lips giving me full access to his red cock head. It tasted so heavenly. The hint of perspiration by his bush only heightens the sensation of giving him that oral job that he needed.

We did all that without realizing the camel is actually staring at us. Knowing that camels spit when they are nervous (or horny) we quickly stop our acts, and look for a better place, without being exposed to the dangers of the animals.

We were at the place where they kept the chimpanzees. Well we had not seen any chimps around perhaps it was because it was too dark, or they were feeding somewhere else. The boy dropped down his pants, still sporting that steel hard cock, commanded me to kneel down and work that hard cock of his. Duly to my ‘duties’ I responded by giving his scrotum a good lick, slowly moving up to his shaft, and then continue my tongue-play on his cock head. He was moaning softly, not too loud but generally audible. I too moan a bit whilst enjoying the suck. That vibration must have stirred and cause his cock to receive some vibrating effects.

I bend him over, and slowly work on his love hole from the back. Perspiration was all over the place, but I did not mind. The boy moan louder when I stick my tongue deeper, and deeper. I hear him whisper to me, “Fuck me, dear.”

Using saliva as our lubricant, I slowly align my cock to that warm love hole of his, slowly pushing it in. The amount of saliva was just nice, the resistance was not too great, and it took is a little longer than usual to go in to the full length of my manhood.

We both started moaning, the quietness of the night was a little eerie, then we can hear some sound coming from the direction of the cages where they house the chimpanzees. I guess they must be enjoying our love making session, and perhaps they are masturbating themselves. grin

The session did not last as long as I wanted to. Perhaps it was because the lack of the proper lubricant, I came. My dear came as well, almost in unison. We kissed each other, and wore back our pants, and continue to the amphitheater where they have their night shows…

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    my next post is something serious, no kinky horny cummy stuffs