The Spaghetti incident

I had thought of blogging this, but many things came on, and I had just lost the mood to do so.

Firstly, it was Harry.

If you had read the previous few entries, you would read that problem had started after Harry and me got together in a position that we should have never imagine any of us to be, even as buddies.

That day, before us parting, we were at this restaurant, and were commenting on how the Italian food there could have tasted better. I wasn’t sure why, but I had suggested that I cook and let Harry and David try if my cooking were better. Of course, things did not went as we planned, as Harry had ignored me for the weekend.

I had tried to put the things behind, and tried to concentrate with the cooking. I had failed.

First, the spaghetti turned out too hard because I had missed about 5 minutes on it. The carbonara turned out too bland because I had forgotten to add in the salt.


Presentation wise, I guess it was okay. Besides the set back, David who I had brought to my house said that it was normal. It would be nicer if the spaghetti was a little softer. I guess.

David stayed over at my place because he had wanted to use the computer. He wanted to search for a part time job for the school holidays, and I thought I could use the company. Time to time, we would have small talks, and time to time, Harry would be mentioned. David told me that sometimes it is best to let things go away, what isn’t yours eventually will not be yours no matter how tight you grab it. I wish I could, but I just can’t

Even that short moment of time that I had with Harry had already given me such impact, now it is almost unimaginably hard for me to let go of the boy, for that period much more longer.

Over the few days, I kept on thinking of Harry.

I ended up cooking the same thing again.


and again


and again


I have finally ran out of creme, and spaghetti. I am not too sure if I will go back and get more, but I guess, I will let my tummy rest for the time being.

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