The Saturday with Jason

Remember Jason? That catching eye candy that I saw in F&N Freestylz?


Well, on that faithful Saturday evening when everyone is busy sheltering the canvas, I actually met Jason in the loo. We were both at the urinal trying to ease ourself.


Jason parked himself next to me. I wasn’t sure if my mind were playing tricks on me, but by the side of my eyes, I thought I saw Jason positioned himself in such a way that I have almost a full view of his un-zipped zipper.

I looked down to his direction, then I looked up at him. Jason seem to be a little ignorant of his surroundings and my eyes doing a full scan on him. I thought I was just imagining things, until suddenly Jason startled the quiet loo with a soft moan. His hand was actually holding and stroking his already hard cock. His other hand were playing with his balls.

We exchanged glance, and I signaled him that the cubical is empty. He signaled back in agreement, and we both went into the cubical.

I had bought a Love Box just a few moments earlier, I never thought that it would be used in such short notice. I normally had no chance of using a condom much much nearing the condom’s lifespan.

We both agreed to use the slotted and dotted condom. Lubricant was scarce and we resorted to using our saliva. Jason gave me a nice suck before he put the condom on for me, giving me another suck to ensure that the condom is properly in place.

Sporting a nice 5.5 inch hard-on, Jason is quite well build. Apart from what his shirt is hiding him from, he has got a thin layer of baby fat that is covering his nicely toned abs. With a fetish of 6 packs, of course I bend down and lick it all around until I was satisfied.

His oral skills were as good as his looks. Every stroke of the tongue sends ‘pleasurized’ shivers down my spine. It was that good, that my legs almost gave way every single time he had my full 6 inch length down his throat.

HIs kiss was smooth and subtle.

Back in the cubical, when he was sucking my cock, he was asking me if I wanted to fuck him. He said he liked my cock size, and admitted that he had never had that much sex. He wanted to try it bareback; After that whole HIV testing episodes that I had not too long ago, I was afraid. I told him no, and he was surprised that I had TWO boxes of condoms with me. I guess the timing was just right.

He was really tight, almost rejecting the forced entry of my manhood to his love hole. At some point, I was really afraid that the condom might break because the lack of proper lubrication. I was glad that his body did not take the much time to get used to the new found pleasure, and soon our session became something that both of us were expecting for.

Both of us were sweating back in the cubicle. They really should put some ventilation mechanism in the washroom. It was so humid and hot inside there, that anyone with a faster beating heart could faint in there and bump their head into the urinals.

That aside, we departed with an exchange of phone numbers, promising each other that we will continue to see each other again, somewhere in the very near future. That is where I got to know his name. Jason, how sweet the name sounds.

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4 Responses to The Saturday with Jason

  1. Superman June 23, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    No offense but is this suppose to be private? You had storied it so detail…

  2. Cedric Ang June 23, 2008 at 4:27 pm #

    It is supposed to be in detail, otherwise, what is the fun of writting it down?

  3. Queer Ranter June 23, 2008 at 5:04 pm #

    Ah yes. That boy. Adorable. Very adorable.

  4. Cedric Ang June 23, 2008 at 5:08 pm #

    Yes, the same boy that you talked with. His sweet voice, I can still hear it echo behind my mind.