The Saturday in The Curve with F&N

On that one particular Saturday, was a whole fun filled evening all together.

First, it started with I sorta got invited to go to The Curve where they are having this street art kinda event organized by F&N. I later found out it was F&N Freestylz.

What more, I did not catch what my friend had said, all I cared at that time was to get the The Curve. I brought my compact camara, luckily.

Parking was havoc, I tell you. It is the first time that I actually illegally parked in a mall. Illegal meaning, there were no boxes around my car when I finally parked my car.

The event itself features several groups of people age between 16 to 21 performing their grafitty like art on a “can”vas. It was pretty interesting to watch as the artist express themselves on the can.

When we arrive, several “Work In Progress” are on the way. It is fun seeing a piece of canvas turning itself into an art.

Work In Progress; Save The Earth

Work In Progress; Strawberries

Work In Progress; Blue White Patch

I guess the organizers had prepared for bad weather. Just moments after I arrived at The Curve, it started to drizzle. It was fun seeing the organizers bringing out the big giant umbrellas to shield the canvas from the rain.

I especially like a few pieces of art that was created. Like the Dragon with the iPod. The Blue White Patch (don’t know what is it called) was one of my all time favorite. So emotional, yet so torn.

Dragon with iPod

Dragon with iPod close up

Blue White Patch

Sad Face



The entertainment for the day was quite fun. One of the interesting one is dancing to the tune of wazzat_that_song_name_with_the_character_running_on_a_bike_with_his_cock_hanging?

It was funny, and no words could describe it. Perhaps a picture?

Cheeky Entertainment

Of course, being in an event like this is never complete without eye candies. I managed to spot a few, but unfortunately, my fingers’ only fast enough to snap one.

Meet Jason!

Eye Candy

He’s kinda cute, right?

Eye Candy

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2 Responses to The Saturday in The Curve with F&N

  1. Paul June 21, 2008 at 2:28 pm #

    Oh, so you got those special cans?

  2. Cedric Ang June 22, 2008 at 4:59 am #

    The big cans? No laa .. so big.. The small ones, are limited edition ones and autographed. Not eligible =(