The Heart Breaking Moment

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I guess many had already known that I maintain a few Facebook account.

On the recent event on Facebook, I had encountered something that had kept me awake, and not sure what to do.

It was midnight yesterday that I received a friend request. It wasn’t a friend request on Facebook that I would normally ignore, because this time, it was a person that I know from another account; A person that I had had great interest with before he mysteriously disappeared from my life.

I sent him a message, pretending that I do not know him. Which is the right thing to do, I think. Even prior to that, I had thought of just ignoring the friend request, and move on. I spent the whole day thinking about it, and could not reach a decision. I messaged him.

Jai is a sweet person, from my point of view. I was unofficially introduced by another friend of mine. Unofficially because my other friend just gave me his contact, and I just blindly added him. The conversation was very straight forward. From the conversation, I was able to gouge how a person he is. English-speaking, good common sense, likes to be photographed, likes photography. All in all, my type of boy.

Most importantly I think, he has a little personality from The Boy.

I always find it mentally tiring to go through all that. The person sends you a message telling you that he is willing to meet up, for dinner, for a movie. I don’t care.

Then at that very moment when you are waiting for the final text message for confirmation, the friend interrupts and ‘advise’ him not to go.

Of course, as with many other times, these ‘friends’ are always not responsible when things go wrong, and quickly claims credit when things run their way. I have just had one time too many experiences on that.

Don’t bother me, I am just another person who had not had slept because of this. Whether should I tell him, “hey, I am this person that you chat with before, and our history did not really went on that well.” I can’t live a lie. That Facebook account wasn’t build to interact. It was built for another purpose.

I had, once again let down of my horses. This time, streak of tears mysteriously appear on both side of my cheeks. Just when I thought I may had found the person that I could care for, that I could love just maybe I thought to myself. Just maybe.

He was right in a way. It’s like Music and Lyrics. Looks for Music and Personality for lyrics. Music is what draws you in, what comes after is usually the lyrics, something that gives the melody its meaning.

He claims that he would not want to meet because he had not known me better. He said that he had not seen how I looked like, and ask for a picture. Of course, back in my head would be the countless encounters of people telling me that I do not look like my picture, or the countless people telling me that I am fat, while I am still seated in my car, awaiting for the person to actually appear. How exactly do you judge a person is fat, with just looking at 5 % of his body, which compromised of 90% bone mass? I have still yet to figure that out.

Jai, think about this. You wanted to have someone who you can love. I am here. You had wanted to get a Nikon D90, I am here. While I cannot promise that I would your one and only person in your love life, I can however promise you that I will try to be that person. Then again, no thanks to your ‘friend’, I guess you do not stand a chance now.

I thought it could be a very good night when he actually show up at my place. Well not exactly that because he had requested me to pick him up. I thought of bringing him over for the night KL night lights, perhaps some snacks.

Oh well, should have cook and eaten instead of waiting for someone who listens more to their friends than his own instinct.

Perhaps the ignore button did try to serve its purpose. I should have just backpack again like how I used to do last time. Or perhaps, just grab a camera and start taking pictures of my Gundams.

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4 Responses to The Heart Breaking Moment

  1. Jai February 19, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    Im surprised there were some twist in the story. But nevertheless you secret is safe with me; i guess my instincts saved you this time. I appreciate the offer. But my dreams alone are meant for these hands(mine) to make it a reality. The music and lyrics part you missed out one very important note. Musics and lyrics coexist, people gets attracted to music before lyrics, no matter how you try to deny. Its the ugly truth, but then again the taste in music differs, so you can’t really say which music is preferable except to the extend of that particular individual. I wish you luck; for i cannot give you what you seek. My instincts were to follow my friends advice. I can’t believe im reading your blog, but then again; my instincts. ^^

  2. mr.d March 17, 2010 at 9:41 am #


  3. jimy April 6, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    it’s life

  4. Tyler June 24, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    Aww cheer up =) Hugs

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