The forbidden questions

  1. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Thirteen with a Girl.

  2. Worst thing done while drunk? I was laughing about something, and then I fell down from the chair knocking my head and continue laughing

  3. Have you slept with any blogger contact? nope.

  4. Have you ever cheated when you were in a relationship? yup.

  5. How far how you gone to check if your partner is cheating you? befriend his “concubine” and have sex with him.

  6. Mancrush, 1 local and 1 foreign celebrity? Local: Daniel Lee Foreign: Keanu Reeves

  7. Last time you pleasured yourself? Two hours Ago.

  8. How big is your wang (dick-size)? 5 inches, i think.

  9. What’s the 8th message on your inbox, and who sent it? My Adsense report

  10. Kissed in public? Yup.

  11. How many one-night stands did you have? Wait, Im counting….

  12. Craziest place you’ve done it with? Public Bus.

  13. Have you slept with anyone famous? Yes. A few times.

  14. Do you have a Sex tape out there? In YouTube? Or naked pictures? I think there are somewhere, I THINK.

  15. Have you been in a threesome? Yes.

  16. Tried illegal drugs. What drugs? Yes, coke. Only once and don’t like it

  17. How many (if you can still count them) have you slept with? Can’t remember really.

  18. Dude we all know you’re gay, so just admit it. Piolo Pascual.

  19. Have you ever had an indecent proposal? Many times and counting…

  20. The worst billboard in Kuala Lumpur. Ellen’s Beauty Clinic. It never fails to make me laugh just seeing that billboard. lolz!

  21. Funniest TV Commercial. Not that I can recall

  22. When was the last time you watched or read a porn material? Yesterday.

  23. What will be your pornstar name and what will be the title of your first porn movie? Cairo San Agustin (lolz! Thats my alter ego)

  24. Worst TV show? Not found one yet

  25. Spit or Swallow? Let me taste it first. (lolz!)

  26. Longest time when you were “doing it” with someone? 6 hours STRAIGHT.

  27. Shortest time? 30 seconds?

  28. Last time you had sex with someone? July 10, 2007.

  29. What’s your favorite sex position? Doggie Style, yummy!

  30. If you HAVE TO sleep with a blogger contact, who would that be? Any Volunteer? (lolz)


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