Temporary Outage: Update

Ever since the other day’s outage I finally decided to upgrade my hosting plans.

Well, for one, I had hated the webhost’s support. They seem like do not know what are they doing, or at least I thought so.

The site was down for almost 24 hours, support request was shooting back and forth. The support blamed me for not using their Name Server, I told them I had pointed it correctly to the right server using A records, and that they have changed the servers without informing.

Then, I tried to login to the server using the new IP address. To my disgust, there were no data in my account. No web files, no images, my control panel is gone, the database is gone, everything, zilch!

So I sent them another angry and frustrated email saying that they have migrated my account without telling me, and that they had migrated my account without the actual data in it.

A couple of more hours later, my data was in the account. However, it was stale data, 2 days old. I guess they have already removed my data files, and replaced it with the backups that they have. Bad moves.

Told a friend about my problems. He suggested that it is probably a good time to move to a paid host. I mean, with all the issues, and problems I thought, why not?

I have left the hosting scene for a very long time, long enough to actually get outdated of the ‘scene’.

Do you know that nowadays, people actually opt for VPS instead? And that a Virtual Private server is so affordable, it’s comparable with a normal webhosting like 2 years ago?

I sign up for it. I set up the server, fine tuning and tweaking it a little and now I am back to business.

Although there are some minor things that needs to be sorted out, I am happy with my VPS now.

Well, the reason why I choose to use a VPS is because I wanted more control. Sure some webhosting are giving out at much more cheaper price, but at this price that I am paying, it is well well worth it.

To further rant about my previous webhost, they had promise a US$5 for each referral that I refer to them. I have checked on my list, and I had at least 200+ referrals that had signed up. They had a great selling point, free hosting, almost free bandwidth, no string attached.

But then, they cheated what I had ‘earned’. They delayed my payment which they said was some technical issue. They promised that they will settle it by April. When May came, still no news from them despite several emails asking them what is wrong (in a good polite way); my email was never replied. Then when I check again in late July, all my referrals that had signed up had vanished. I guess they too can’t put up with the sucky service.

Like they said, good things never come free. I did not believe that at first because my experience with them was pretty good. Then again, the incident that had happened the past few days had make me want to take my words back. They are just a disaster waiting to happen.

If you come across any hosting offered by 000Webhost.com, don’t be bothered. That is my previous webhost. No link love from me, of course.

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