Staying ahead with Blackberry Torch and Celcom

I love writing, I really do.

It could be something that I saw on the street while I was walking that triggered a sweet memory about someone, it could be a sudden idea that I have thought of doing or it could be that random moment that I want to write something.

Most of these times, I had always wished that I have my Macbook Pro with me so that I could ‘pen’ these thoughts down.

I have smartphones. Two of them and I love both of them. Very often, I do not bring both of them out together because I think it is a hassle. I like the touch screen on my iPhone 4, and I love the keypad on my Blackberry Bold 2.

It was a very hard decision to make when purchasing the device. I first got myself an iPhone, for the purpose of updating my blog, and tweeting. When I got the iPhone, I didn’t liked it and I wanted the Blackberry’s keypad. That too, when I had it, wish I was typing on a multi-touch screen instead.

Then it came, in shiny armor; like a prince.

The Blackberry Torch 9800.

If you have not heard, Celcom Blackberry Torch launch that they run recently sold the Torch for RM8. Yes, eight freaking bucks to the first 10 lucky signups. I could not believe it until I actually saw my Twitter timeline that someone actually bought 1 of the device.

Now, with the full 3.2 inch touch screen and a Blackberry keyboard, I have no more excuses not writing or updating my Twitter.

This post was written entirely on my Blackberry Bold with Celcom Exec.

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