Sponteneus outing

I must say, what had happened was quite a surprise to me.

Well, remember that L had started to talk to me about a week ago about his education? Everything went on the good way after that conversation. I was pretty glad actually.

There were a few instances that we did argue about stuffs. L was afraid that I might pull out, because I had threaten to do so, and that is because I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, I had not got that assurance from L that I will have a space in his heart.

Actually, I was scared that I will be ‘used’ in a way that I don’t want it to be. I was really afraid and I did not know what should I do. A promise is still a promise but I can say that I wasn’t hoping that something will be exchanged out of it, but rather, hoping for something to happen.

On the day, we chatted a few. Things got a little hot, and L decided that he would not mind if we get a little intimate together.

Things went on, I went to his place to pick him up. It was a bit awkward for me because in this case, I am making him not loyal to his boy friend. As far as I am concern, he is still with the boy friend, and I am still the number 3.

Things are a little different this time. L wanted me to do something different, and it was different. More than what we normally do. I dully comply. Who should I be saying no?

No doubt we had fun.

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