I have heard about Kelvin Hew that he has got a pretty cute boy right now. Rumours said that he has got himself a so so one so that this boy would not run away again like the rest.

Now what I do not like about Kelvin, is his, I don’t know. Ego?

Years before, I met him online, I don’t really remember how but we met one day when he came over to my house. He told me that I took his virginity on that day. We met a couple of times after that and had some fun. He suck quite good and every time I can say that I use him as my sex toy. Fucking him and making him suck me and then leave him alone masturbating.

The thing that I don’t like about him is after I finished myself, he will insist on masturbating himself and often real hard and rocks the whole bed. He will then go to the washroom and clean himself, and a few times, stalk naked.

He smokes, he lies and always an asshole. He always tries to take something from me.

I met a boy that I did not know had a relation with Kelvin. This boy, Edison is cute. Small in size, and with a really cute voice. He’s a drop out from school, and he always use me as his sexual exhaust, which I gladly comply because of his cute looks and the way he talks. Somehow I got to know that Kelvin and Edison were both partners before. Edison was quite pissed to find out that Kelvin did not bother to celebrate his birthday with him and went to celebrate Christmas with other friends.

Chung on the other hand, is my pet brother. I met him on faceparty and he too is Kelvin’s partner once. It seems like a small world. Chung relate to me how did Shinya “stole” Kelvin from him, and how much he hated Shinya. Chung relate to me on how Kelvin use to cheat on people by offering sex. Sometimes when he needs to go somewhere, he will offer sex and in return gets a ride. How cheap of Kelvin.

I finally found Shinya on faceparty. Together with a nice picture of Kelvin hugging him and Eddy. (Eddy is another boy that I know that was quite okay on bed. Hehe)

I talked with Shinya as a 15 y/o boy, I guess I screwed up when I told him that I know Kelvin and all his bad things, I did however try to fix things up but it seems that he might have found out, and since Kelvin knows the 15 y/o boy, I guess Shinya must have told him.

Maybe I can try another way. No matter what, I will want to get Shinya, and if i can’t, I will still make Kelvin’s life miserable.

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