Sex with Colleague, Part 2

Life has been hectic. I do must agree that I ought to be shot for leaving so many people wondering what happened after the exchange of words that faithful day at the stairwell.

I continued my lunch that day, without much thinking of what had happened just 5 minutes ago. I ordered myself a plate of fried rice. I scoop a spoonful of that still steaming hot rice into my mouth. I almost choked myself.

I did not wanted to eat fried rice the other day, in fact I don’t even remembered ordering that or even fancy it. I did not even know how did I ended up in a Malay stall as I always patron the Chinese chicken rice stall across the street. I know that the boy liked the friend rice at this stall, but how did I ended up here, and ordering something like that? Was it my conscience playing tricks on me?

I quickly gulp the remaining portion of the rice, and head back towards the office. I went in to his department, in the excuse of making some office, hopefully to catch a glimpse out of him and to make sure everything is alright.

I did not see him at his place, his bag that he always bring to work is not at his place. I later found out that he had applied for half day leave while I was gone, and had went back home.

I sat at my workstation, staring at the clock. My whole day was rendered unproductive because of that little incident back at the stairwell.

The next day I saw him again, at his usual self. I tried to message him on MSN but he wasn’t replying. I thought he might have just been busy. I make an excuse for myself to make some coffee hoping to catch a glance at him.

He looked away the moment I looked at him, avoiding eye contacts. It has to be my fault that I have cause such uneasiness in between. I hurried with my coffee, only to realized that I have put cold water instead of hot water, and I am sure he know about it too.

I messaged him on MSN again.

“Did you know that I was so disorientated that I have put cold water instead of hot water? Now my coffee is lumpy.”

No reply.

After almost 5 minutes, my MSN finally showed some activity.

“You know, the other day you really hurt my feelings. Why did you even bother msg me now?”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t prepared for that kinda questions.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to freak out like that, right?”

“Yes, Im sorry.”

“Do you like me?”


I could not hold back my feelings anymore.

“I like you, in fact I had a crush on you the moment you have stepped in to the office.”

I continued.

“I do not know why did I freaked out the other day, but I regret that I had. Is there any way for us to patch up, at least let me do the patching up?

Silence again.

“Maybe it was my fault that I have asked that kinda questions to you in the first place. Why not we both try to patch things up, and take things easily so we can remain as friends and better yet, as buddies?”

“Yeah .. let’s just do that.”

That evening after work, we both finish up all our tasks that day and went for a movie and dinner together. We watched Harry Potter and had our dinner at KLCC. For the very first time, he kissed me on my cheek in the cinema, when Ron kissed Hermione

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