Review: Durex Love

It is not an easy task sometimes to slip on a condom while you are already in the mood of making out with your lovers. However, the thoughts and the lifestyle of casual sex nowadays does warrant for such preventive measures.

I would not say that condoms are a totally turn offs, in fact I think it is quite an experience if you could get your partner to put on a condom for you during foreplay before the actual act of sexual intercourse.

Durex Love

While we were browsing on which condom to try on the other day, we came across Durex Love.

The first impression that I have with the condom is it is going to give a ‘hot’ kind of feeling, because that is what love is all about, hot and sexy.

Putting on the Durex Love condom is fairly easy with Durex’s “Easy-On” condoms.

However, perhaps it was my wrong perception, I was almost expecting a ‘hot’ tingling feel with the condom. It was however, felt normal. With the 52.5mm diameter however, it felt a little tight. The feeling of penetration however felt really good.

I would not give it much of a good use, as I was expecting a ‘hot’ kind of condom. It does cost more compared to a normal Durex condoms.

Feeling: 4
Lubrication/ease of application: 5
Aesthetics: 1
Total: 10

Price: RM6 for pack of 3


Feeling is how the condom felt. Did it feel like the real thing; not wearing at all.

Lubrication/ease of application refers to how well was it lubricated. Was extra lubricant needed to get things on the go. Was application easy? Was it too tight? Too loose? For the norm, we use the ‘standard’ size.

Aesthetics refers to the overall look of the condom. Does it smell like a tire factory? Perhaps a glow in the dark condom?

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