Pre Christmas Party

I remember on my last Christmas, I was having so much fun that I wished everyday is still Christmas.

Beside receiving and giving away gifts, last year was totally awesome for me as I have really enjoyed myself, and not to mentioned party the whole night long.

I was supposed to follow some of my friends to party along in some beach clubs in Penang. However, just on the eve of Christmas last year, I got an invitation from KL, and the guy was willing to fly me to KL from Penang.

Of course, there was no need to mention that he is actually quite wealthy, and spending money is like nobody’s business to him. He is quite a sociable character himself, which gives him the charisma to mingle around with almost anyone.

I liked him because he does not seem to be someone that would use the money that fills up his pocket to sleep with people. In fact, he respects the people that he moves around with, especially with me, I noticed.

Could it be because he liked me? I found out later that day, after my arrival at KLIA (I was flying MAS, from Penang to KL, not AirAsia)

He welcomed me with his chauffeur driven Mercedes. I don’t usually fancy this kind of stuffs, I would rather he was the one behind the wheels and I was just riding along. Not only did he came with the car, he also brought a bouquet of flowers with him, for me.

I know what you guys are thinking, hey this is the metro-sexual guys era, receiving flowers is totally normal. I mean, if a guy can buy a girl that he likes flowers, why can’t a guy buy a guy flowers too?

We checked in to a hotel at the city center, where he left me in the room while he went back for some family business. He said something about his relative were in town, and took up all the guest rooms. Deep down in my mind, I wanted to tell him I do not mind cuddle with him on his warm bed, on that cold Christmas eve morning.

I was really tired from the flight, and I almost missed dinner. During dinner time, I was introduced to his father and mother and the other relatives as well. One of the younger teen-aged cousin jokingly asked if I am his boy friend. He shy away after looking at my ‘surprised’ expression. I did not know that his family was so liberal.

It did not take long until his father asked him the same question, this time however, was in a rather serious manner.

He denied it, of course he would. I mean, we are just friends who I have met online almost a year ago. What the father said next totally caught me off my chair, and I can almost feel my heartbeat miss a beat.

“I do not mind a son in law that is as good looking as Cedric, I like the boy.” the father said that while looking at me, with a smile.

The whole table went quiet after that, a few minute pass by until the mother call on the maid to bring out the deserts.

I later found out that the father and son relationship was very close. My friend had already told the father that he is gay, and being a father, not only is he being supportive over it, the father do know how to create jokes around it.

After dinner, the father invited me for a few games on the PS2 with him. I am not an avid fan of PlayStation games, and I must say having that small chats and being together with his father really put me into a very very deem ‘wondering’ machine. I mean, this would be a family that many would have dream of.

My friend took me up to his room, and he showed me the presents that he got from his relatives overseas. He asked me to join him opening some of the presents, which I did. There’s presents like guitar, books, a platinum necklace, and etc. One of the thing that I could not forget is that he has got a packet of condoms from one of his cousins, with the note “hope you have a happy Christmas”. My friend pass the condoms to me, and said, “you might need this later.”

We first stopped by Zouk, where several of his friends were waiting for him. We had a few friendly drinks over there, and then head over to Liquid Bar. I guess those friends in Zouk were his normal straight friends, and he was just entertaining them.

Back in Liquid Bar, it seems like he practically owned the actions there. Some of his friends were there, and not just some, but quite a fair bit of people that night.

We were sitting on the sofa that was near the entrance. The Christmas mood was slowly setting in. I was still trying to digest the turkey and the red wine that I had for dinner just now, plus some mixture of Vodka and whiskey from Zouk earlier.

In Liquid Bar, together with the euphoric music, I was again sucked into the amount of abundant alcohol. No, before you think otherwise, he did not encourage me to drink, in fact he tried to stop me from drinking that much.

The story goes back a couple of weeks after I have broke up with my then boy friend. We were in love for many months already, and practically doing things like we have known each other for a very long time. Well, that is the problem, we did know each other for a very long time. I have only met him for a couple of times, and the next time we know, we are lovers and making love on my bed.

My friend brought me to KL to chill my minds off my ex boy friend. He wanted to be beside me for the time being, while spending time with me, and using Christmas as an excuse. It was a fucking good excuse, I tell you.

So anyways, we drank and drank and past to Christmas day. I was almost passing out when it was time to go back home. He did give me a few tight hugs, and having chats on the way, but my mind was filled with something else, something that I wish had not happened.

We went to a mamak joint to chill out for a bit to shave up the excessive alcohol that was in my system. He was still standing alright, perhaps he did not wanted to be drunk. We started talking and talking.

On that night, we did talk about what had happened during dinner that night. He told me he did thought about it before, but wasn’t sure if he should move in. He know that I just broke up, and need some time to heal. His words made me felt so warm, and comfy. By the time when we reached the hotel, he ushered the chauffeur off, and we went up to the room. It was a lovely Christmas that I have spent together, with someone that I love.


2 Responses to Pre Christmas Party

  1. famezgay December 25, 2007 at 1:26 am #

    so did u make him as ur bf in the end? he seems to be a very nice guy wei…

  2. Cedric Ang December 25, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    Famez well, thats another story to tell