Pornographic Dolls?

I find the story published by The Star hilarious.

Pornographic dolls? Why can’t they just call it the sex dolls? I mean, give me a break, thse kinda novelty stores has been in Malaysia for the longest time, think I Need House, think the shop that I bought the springy condoms, think the Condom shop in Sri Petaling.

I guess Mohd Rizal Abidin must be living in a cave or something. Perhaps he is just plain ignorant?

My first experience of sex toys was when I was younger. It did not cost extorbitantly expensive, or I should put it, affordable.

It was all important. Back then, it is still a taboo subject when I Need House first started their business. I would not want to be seen by someone that I know entering, or exiting the place.

So online sex toy shop ordering was the only way that I see fit.

What have I ordered before? Besides few dozen of condoms, and a dildo, and a few masturbator, a sex doll, plenty of lubricants, I think I have virtually got everything except the edible underwears.

What do I learn from the experience? Well, I have learned that KY Jelly or durex are just cheap and of low quality. I love Eros, and other silicon based products and I have never used waterbase products like KY Jelly or Durex anymore. Why?

Simply put, waterbased lube just can’t last as long as me and my partner. Nuff said.

Novelty should be left as it is. Without toys, what would the society turn for? Real vagina and assholes?

Seeing that I have quite an amount of searches that is coming from Google for Pornographic dolls, then I guess I have to reveal my experience in where to get these dolls, and for cheaper than RM200 bucks!

I actually has got a picture of it, but it is at home and I am at Starbucks now reading on some books. Maybe later I should go back and upload a picture. In this blog post, I will do everyone a favor. I will teach you where and how to obtain one

But before I get on to the pornographic doll, as some people like to call it, lets talk about my experience with sex toys, or adult toys in general.

Like I have mentioned before, I have got various sex toys. Being a urban breed homosexual male, and with Internet access, I could not resist.

For my anal stimulation, I have a dildo. Rubber and hard.

The dildo or dong as some people would like to call it, is actually meant for females as a vagina opening is much more bigger than the anal opening. I would only prefer to use this when I am super horny. This thing is about 5cm around, which is about 2 3/4 inch diameter. (not really sure the numbers, but trust me I can scream when I put this thing in me).

I personally prefer the butt plug that I have. Same with the dildo, it is made from rubber. It has got a vibrating function, and also it has a pump that expands the other end of the butt plug, making you feel ‘full’ when it is up in your ass. I don’t use the vibration function, I just don’t see the stimulation stimulating. In fact, I only use the butt plug as a companion for my masturbator.

I have two masturbator, both battery operated, one a make shift pump. I prefer the pump because it contain a membrane at the opening, and a ribbed sleeve to hug my cock. The pump has got 2 functions, a pump (duh) and a masturbator, also battery operated. The motorized top end, will move the ribbed sleeve, thus giving it the up and down motion. However, the up and down motion wasn’t enough for me, I fuck the whole thing instead. The other other one was noisy, I refuse to use it because the motor gives out a loud buzz. It is basically a sleeve with a rather thick rubber, and 2 plastic ‘gears’ that you can find in those toy stores, that runs between each other. The motor moves it up and down, giving it a nice long stroke on my cock. I simple love it, but it was too tight for me, and sometimes it was a little hurtful. It is also too noisy, meaning that I could not just use it whenever I want.

A more subtle masturbator that I have is the Cyberskin anus, and the latex vagina. I like the Cyberskin anus more because it gives me more pleasure, and know that Cyberskin is made of soft human flesh like material, it actually feels like you are making love with someone. I like putting it between my pillows, and start humping my pillows. With the right pressure and position, it really felt that way. The latex vagina was a little too rough on my cock. Inside the ‘hole’ there are tentacles that sticks out, supposedly to give a tickling sensation. The tickling sensation turn out too be too painful, because latex hardens in time.

I like both the penile stimulation and the anal stimulation together. With the use of the butt plug, and the Cyberskin anus, I can have the pleasure of both. It feels like you are fucking someone, and at the same time being fucked. However, you do not really feel the thrusting movement of a cock inside you because a butt plug just acts like a plug, it rubs on your G Spot, giving you that multiple orgasm that not many men in Malaysia can give to a receiving party in a fuck. of course, my boy friend would disagree that I am one of those men

In my sex craze days, I got myself a sex bed as well. I like calling it the sex bed, because it is where I had my orgies and other sexual inspirated activities. It is a king size bed, air pumped, and with harnesses all over the sides. Yes, you got that right. Harnesses. With velcro and quick release, unsuspecting people that sleeps on the bed gets a surprise that they never would imagine. I love the bed.

I have had so many sex toys lying around that I myself sometimes forgot about their existence. Sex toys could be fun in a relationship, but you have to remember, it is just a toy.

Oh yes, I forgot, I am supposed to show you the picture of the pornographic doll that I got, and where to get it, and the price.

Here it is.

Pornographic Doll
This one is available in Ikea, not too sure about the price, I am sure it is less than RM200. What? It don’t look like a nice butt to you? Oh geeze, put some imagination to it. It saves you money.

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7 Responses to Pornographic Dolls?

  1. NotHamsap August 12, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    So true, i think the word “pornographic toys” will catch more attention that sex toys itself. and maybe he just wanna attract people’s attention? lol.

    by the way, what do you recommend then if KY is not good?

  2. Relax August 12, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    wat about vibrating butt plug?

  3. Melvin Foong August 13, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    You love ranking the search engine, ya?

  4. Cedric Ang August 13, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    NotHamsap: I use Eros, you can get it from I Need House, but they are a little pricey. I would suggest that you import it from the various adult shop websites that you can find. Some are really cheap.

  5. Cedric Ang August 13, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    Relax: Yes, but I don’t like it vibrating. Feels weird .. but that’s just me.

  6. paul August 13, 2008 at 9:22 pm #

    Good gracious. You have a sex toy museum! 😛

  7. Cedric Ang August 14, 2008 at 8:45 pm #

    Paul: Yes, I do .. hehehe