It seems to be pretty periodic that I have neglected my blog over here.

Work has been pretty much kept me busy for most of the days. When I am not together with L, I am either with my work or my studies. Sometimes, I do take a nap relaxing together with the nice beautify rainy weather.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you should know that I love rainy days. It is not only refreshing to hear the rain drops dropping, but also the ‘quietness’ that comes together with it. Almost putting you into that dispassionate feeling.

Politics had never been my cup of tea. I did however stayed up till that ungodly hours that morning, exactly a week ago to catch the news of the disappointed Pak Lah proclaim that he had lost.

I would not be surprised. Most of their supporters were the older generation. The older generation support them because they (the BN) had not failed them.

Then again, it is not failure that builds the society, but the reign of the government that is just, well, sleeping.

With the now new government, we are starting to see something within our Government. It is a good thing. Of course, there are the times where little politicians that could not take the defeat raising up issues, and frequently hitting the racial lines.

Politics, or not, which side are you really on?

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