Ping to PPS, is that right to do?

It seems like my activity/freedom to use PPS to ping my entries to regain much lost traffic has raised some eyebrows.

It was nothing actually, just a random someone thinks that I have posted something too obscene in PPS, that he said was distasteful.

Funny because this particular someone claims that he is not against homosexual people but calls homosexual people as ‘faggots’. Bear in mind that the more homosexual out there, the less competition you have, if you get my drift.

One could twist the situation on the other hand, and when it comes to surfing for porn for heterosexual, these bigots are all okay about it because it was the right thing to do.

On the very first paragraph of each post are very suggestive description on what to come next. Unless provoked to see more, I doubt anyone would want to scroll down even more and check on the content. Need I say more?

Guilty as it seems, you seems to insult your own intelligence, perhaps you think you might know how to speed read and have gone overboard with your mouse scroll, but who are you to dictate what I can post and cannot post when was merely putting a pointer in PPS, and magically someone like your good self followed all the way till the last picture.

So are you gay deep down inside, which makes you scroll down for more? Or are you just getting thirsty for the cum that was waiting at the end of the post?

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