Outdoor Sex, Part 2

If you have not catch the first part of the story, you need to read it to understand the whole situation.

My sudden ‘freeze’ motion had triggered Jay to stop his humping, and his dick slowly shrink into bite size. Blocked from the view, Jay could not tell what is wrong, but only to his instinct that we are in trouble. My body language had trigger him to freak out together with me.

I had wish it was a pussy, or a rat or something. Instead, it was a lively human figure that stood there. Both of us freak out. Jay’s cock was totally flaccid and it slipped off my mouth and exposed to the chill morning air.

The human figure walked towards us, there were 2 of them. We froze there, and our feet would not want to move an inch. When the 2 human figures walked closer, and the dim light shines on their face, only we realized that they are too lovers trying for a spot for some outdoor love session.

Still in shock, I tried to hide Jay’s flaccid penis from the view. My effort was quite useless, as they were there witnessing the whole oral orifice just moments earlier.

I would describe both of ‘intruders’ as young innocent guys trying to have some fun. It looks like they are lovers, but it was ashame that they could not afford a hotel room of some sort for their love making sessions. Me and Jay on the other hand, were just exploring the excitement of having sex outdoor style.

Ken and Lincoln were both just out of their secondary school. I personally like Lincoln more for his fair facial complexion.

It was their first time making out actually, they had been wanting to do it but because of lack of time and place, they did not do it together. On that faithful day when me and Jay decided to try it outdoor, so happen, they 2 young lovers were at that place as well. Wrong place, wrong time. Or should it be otherwise?

I took both of them, together with Jay to a hotel nearby. It was at RM88 per night, not too bad of a price to pay that comes together with 3 young adorable young man, I thought.

I can see in Jay’s eyes that he is excited about the whole thing. I would too, just randomly pick up some cute young strangers in the park literally with their pants down, as a matter of fact, with our pants down, caught by 2 lovely and adorable young strangers.

The situation there was a little weird. Weird because for every each of us, there are 2 strangers amongst us.

I gave Jay a peck on his cheek, putting my hand into his pants. He is starting to build a hard on, slowly. Ken and Lincoln follow suit.

While Lincoln and Ken were kissing each other, I interrupted by kissing on Lincoln’s neck. Lincoln turned over, and gave me a kiss on the lips. He pulled my hand and slip it in to his pants. Ken was licking and kissing my neck, Jay was down stripping me off my jeans which was containing my hard cock.

Shockingly, Lincoln break the kiss, and bend down engulfing my cock. Ken rubbing his face in Jay’s hands, taking his fingers gently into his mouth. Jay had secretly whispered to me that he likes Ken, if only Ken knows how much Jay were dreaming of that, it would be heavenly.

The air in the hotel room is tangible, surrounding 4 horny guys waiting to be brought to orgasm.

Lincoln’s suck was subtle. He knows how to play with his tongue. Wrapping my cock with his full lips, I lie down on the bed, motionless, enjoying every single moments of it. I push his head down even more, Lincoln got the signal, and burrowing himself down to my scrotum giving them licks and loving care on both side. Feeling of excitement sending chills through my spine to my brains, sending large amount of dopamine.

Ken and Jay were both enjoying themselves in a 69 position. Their height was almost the same, making each other’s cock in easy access to each other. It was a perfect match.

Lincoln started to lick on my nipple, it was this time that both of our cocks meet each other. One of his hand were grabbing his cock together with mine giving them gentle strokes. Our cocks were of substantial size, giving him a little hard time to grab both of them at the same time.

Without me realizing it, Lincoln had placed my cock into the opening of his love hole. It felt really warm, perhaps due to the excitement. He started kissing me again. Without notice, he sat upright, and started lowering himself, having my cock going into him almost forcefully. I can see his facial expression of pain, and perhaps a little guilt. With my precum oozing from the tip of my dick, it provide a little lubrication, but sad to say it wasn’t of sufficient amount to allow the whole dick to penetrate. Lincoln inside that he was okay, and push himself harder.

His tight love tunnel was pulling my foreskin pretty hard, the pain translated to pleasure after a while, and we finally managed to get half of my dick in.

He pulled out, after a while trying to get it all in. He smeared some lubricant while I have brought along to his love tunnel, this time it was much more easier. The full length of my cock was in him, and he was riding happily on me, enjoying every inch of my meat.

In the mean time, Ken and Jay too was approaching the moment where they would fuck. Ken was on top of Jay, slowly enjoying each other’s body. Ken was rocking back and forth, with a little hip motion. It was weird though, because Jay had earlier declare that he would not let anyone fuck him, except for his boy friend. I guess Jay must have liked Ken so much, that this time would be an excuse only himself would be able to explain.

Lincoln roll me over, he whispered to me that he want to get my full length, and missionary position would be the best. I guess the boy could not get enough of my cock, and wanted to get everything in him. I know how that felt.

With his legs on my shoulders, I slowly position myself in the attack position, slowly inching my way to get the full length in. Lincoln gave a light moan when I ‘touch down’. I was a little concern that I might be too big for him, I look into his angel eyes to see if he was okay, he nodded and I continue making love with my new found lover.

Lincoln wanted me to cum inside him. He said the feeling of cum oozing from dicks give him the pleasure of warmth. I comply, and shot my load into him, and then drop down to his chest, breathing heavily…

The session probably lasted for at least 2 hours. In no time, we see the sun light peeking by the heavy curtains of the hotel room. We slept in each other’s arms till late noon.

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2 Responses to Outdoor Sex, Part 2

  1. famezgay July 4, 2008 at 3:28 pm #

    gosh so U have another UNSAFE SEX!!! R U going to have another test 6 months later?

  2. Cedric Ang July 4, 2008 at 3:39 pm #

    Ya lor .. what to do .. excited marh !