Outdoor sex

After getting a little sober from the abundance of drinks that [night in MarketPlace](http://www.cedricang.com/a/personal/marketplace-kuala-lumpur-20080629/ Clubbing in MarketPlace”), we adjourne back home. After dropping Frankie back to his place, we (me and Jay) started to inch our way back.

Prior to our ‘clubbing’ night, Jay had agreed that we have a little fun by ourself. Ever since he broke up with his boy friend a year ago, he had not had any encounters with anyone. That’s what he told me.

Jay is quite popular on the dance floor that night. Many hugs were exchanged, which I think they know Jay. Seeing that these most people are pretty good looking ones, I was feeling a little jealous.

Not only did I not get as many hugs as Jay had, I can say I was pretty lonely and I had not had a chance to exchange kisses on the dance floor while hugging him; Jay was busy with his ex boy friend whom were giving me that killer stare when I was trying to ‘snatch’ Jay to myself. Just a while more, I told myself, a few more hours, I would be running my fingers all over Jay’s body, and kissing his soft lips, staring into his angel eyes. That is, if he had not change his mind, and follow his ex boy friend back, perhaps for some I-so-miss-you-after-we-broke-up sex.

Still under the influence of alcohol, I dare not take the car up to my usual speed. Even with the improved technology of ABS, better tires, traction control and all that terms that only a car junkie would know, safety should still adhere at the steering wheel.

I got even hornier by the minute on the way to the destination. I took a detour to ‘Lost World’ thinking that there might be a quiet dark spot available. I was wrong. Instead I found a nice spot on the other side of the garden, but it was on a private properly. I parked my car, and let my lips go into action. I kissed Jay all over, not missing a single part of his lips. Jay kissed back. I unzip Jay, and Jay quickly unbuckle his pants and pull down his underwear revealing his hard cock.

I dive in, surprisingly, even after that many hours of hard dancing to the heart thumping music, there were no foul sweaty smell from Jay’s groin area. It was just the pleasant boyish smell. Jay was moaning, and getting louder and louder. I got even more excited, I wanted Jay to fuck me.

Prior to the night, I had prepared myself with a couple of condoms and lubricant. I never put condoms in my glove compartment because it would destroy the latex, hence, I had to bring it out when I was leaving my house that evening, and I make sure that I pack it.

I got so horny, I wanted Jay to enter me. I told him that, he was a little reluctant as we were quite exposed at the place where we parked our car. I went down the car, and thought of doing it by the bush, or somewhere behind the building where security should be lesser.

Still holding my hard on, with the condoms and lubricant in my hand, I pulled Jay’s hand, leading the way, hoping to give him a good wonderful fuck.

When we approached the back of the building, slowly I peek through the corner of the wall, and noticed that it was empty. I gave Jay a kiss on the cheek, and signaled him that this would be the spot for us to try it out. Still reluctant, he nodded.

I kneeled down, un-zipping him as fast as I could, pulling his pants together with his underwear down revealing his hard cock. Not wanting to miss anything, I gulp down the whole 5 inch of his cock into my mouth, leaving no more than 1 mm of that boy meat off.

Jay got all excited too, he grabbed me by my head, and starting his hip thrusting motion, fucking my mouth. I can hear him moaning softly, perhaps not wanting to disturb any sleeping creatures that might be in the vicinity.

Something disturbed the bush near us, we froze. I can feel that Jay’s cock slowly shrinking to a flaccid mode.

(To be continued)

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