Of being anal

Of late, I feel like the whole world had owed me something.

Perhaps I am still thinking of the boy, perhaps I am still not too sure what am I up to, or perhaps, I am just nervous into getting into something new.

Anal Lube Sometimes maybe one need some form of lubrication to smoothen things out. Just like the Anal Lube that I have got to play with sometimes.

I know, I have been getting annoyed on trivial things. Perhaps it was also this that had put the problems into our head when I was with the boy.

Nonetheless, I always hope that I am more patient when it comes to someone as dearly as the boy, however late it is now, I still wish that some day, we could be together again.

So back to Anal Lube. Seriously, nothing. Just some soft of filler post for my almost vacant blog.


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  1. Kenji April 1, 2009 at 4:41 am #

    Ohhh wut the heck! I thought it was something interesting! Geeez! Peak my curiosity and then leave me with none!? 😛

    Anyway don’t think too much la… What will be, will be!

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