My Weekend, Perak trip

The trip to some remote place in Perak proved to be fruitful.

The arrival to Tronoh where University Technology Petronas proved to me that my sense of directions has yet to fail me. I have arrived at the destination earlier than scheduled.

One of the few purpose of the visit was to meet up with a friend that I have been chatting for a few times online, Frankie. Frankie is a undergraduate from UTP, where he showed me the life of staying in the Uni’s campus. The closest to what I can expect if Lester were to be accepted to UiTM.

Staying in the hostel were not as bad as I would have expected.

Part of the unplanned trip was because I needed to stay away from the busy city life, to admire what people do in the so called remote place somewhere in Perak; I needed some time out from the relationship, that has been going up and down.

The drive itself was fun, although the car was complaining of being abused for several times, I have arrived at the campus of UTP safely. We continue our journey to Ipoh where it will take about 40 minutes, claimed Frankie.

The journey to Ipoh from Tronoh took a twist when we chatted. Topics ranging from the blogsphere, to his campus life in the remote seclude place in Perak.

Frankie isn’t too familiar with the roads in Ipoh, hence he got to get instructions from his faghag. Instead of heading directly to the watering hole for our tummy fillers, we went to Jusco where we loitered for a while.

People watching had not been this fun with a fellow person that is interested in the same genre as I am. We could point at someone, and then both laugh together in agreement that they look good. Then, the whole scenario changed when we see some eye candies grabbing their own crotch, or digging their nose right in front of the public view. Welcome to Ipoh, I claimed.

Moving on the the eatery, we order O-chien, curry laksa and popiah with white coffee to compliment the food.

After the food, we chatted for a while before moving to Ipoh Parade for some leisure. I must protest that whoever that said human traffic in Ipoh is pleasing to the eyes ought to be tortured and kill; human traffic is so scarce that night, any eye candies would have been spotted immediately, instead it has got almost to none.

It was almost late before we call it the night. We had to rush back to campus for the fear the campus security might not allow us in. Frankie was nice to place me with lodging sleeping on his room mate’s bed.

The night ended quite late, at about 2 something. We were chatting and sharing our life stories, something that I had not got any chance to do, until that night. Perhaps because Frankie has got that chatty type of character, and we basically could talk about anything, and it would interest both of us. I too realized that I have been out in the gay circle for such a long time, that I could easily missed it.

The next morning started pretty late due to the 2 lazy pigs. If it wasn’t for the sun’s shining and the room slowly building up the heat, I could have easily slept till noon. We both took our showers, and head out to Ipoh again for brunch.

We could have easily went to Tanjung Tualang for seafood, unfortunately due to our small ‘people’ number, it wasn’t enough for the ultimate experience. Instead we went to town to grab some authentic hawker food breakfast.

First on the menu was the beef noodles. Seconded by the Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun. There is Hakka Mee and Poppiah and other stuffs, but too much carbohydrates just makes us feeling full easily. When the Satay came over to drop us a plate of skewered meat, we were looking at him, and exchanged glances. We hence named him Satay boy, which later, I called him Skewer boy.

Chicken boy is the other name that I called the other boy. Age probably around 15 or 16 from the looks. Nicely clothed with a rather protruding earring by the left ear. Few glances exchanged, me and Frankie were giggling looking at both of them, the people watching episode of our wonderful morning.

We sat there for almost 1 1/2 hours, me sipping the famous Ipoh White Coffee. Frankie would be exchanging glance and smiles with Skewer boy, and me on the other hand, with Chicken boy.

Then, the unfortunate happened, “Ngo thai tou,” said Skewer boy. ngo tai tou denotes “I saw” in Cantonese.

That was the killer, the killer to tell us that we need to leave the place.

Moving on to Ipoh Parade again, I thought I saw something that I could buy for Lester, something that Lester had wanted for a while, and I could not find it in KL. I bought that.

After shopping and more people watching, I finally had to bid good bye to Frankie. I sent Frankie back to UTP, and that is when my tummy started acting up.

I gave Lester a call, to find out how was he. He had ignored my call the whole night yesterday when I tried to call him. We talked for a bit but it was full of sorrowfulness and I almost broke into tears numerous time. But, I hold back. To act tough? Maybe, maybe not.

I then decided to go up to Cameron Highlands to get some Strawberries hopefully able to satisfy Lester’s appetite. On the way, there was this family who met an accident and it just happened. I radioed for help, and sent the family down to Tapah police station. Continuing the way to Cameron Highlands, it started raining, and the car finally give up and slided a few times.

My stay at Brinchang was only for several minutes. To pick up 8 boxes of strawberries, and 10 sticks of the juicy sweet corns.

On the way down, I forgot that the car was already complaining previously and I pushed it too much. For that split second, I have almost ended up in the ravine. Close calls, huh?

Arrival back home at about 10, mainly because I stopped by the Police Station for some business, more on that later.

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4 Responses to My Weekend, Perak trip

  1. Razlan June 3, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

    Your entry depicts a wonderful imagery of my hometown. You didn’t take any photos?

  2. Alex June 6, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    Wow…. what an adventure!

  3. Cedric Ang June 9, 2008 at 12:41 am #

    Razlan, unfortunately no. I was too busy looking at some other things wink

  4. Cedric Ang June 9, 2008 at 12:42 am #

    Alex, adventure indeed. More ahead.