My weekend

I love weekends and I must say that my weekends are normally filled with some time to rest from college, and of course some time to spend with my family.

During the weekend, I went to Manhattan Fish Market to celebrate someone’s birthday. I think for the price, it was a good place to be, but if it was someone more closer, I would bring him to a much more nicer place than an overated place.

Besides that, I also found out from my stats that my comments are not enabled properly. I have fixed that.

On Sunday, I woke up a little early thinking of going down to the beach for a nice breeze of morning air. Chat up with this guy who was also there enjoying the morning breeze.

In the evening, went over to Seven At Nine for this really nice meal with my boy friend. It was our 2nd month anniversary. Time really do past when you are not realising it.

Till then, back to my assignments.

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