My La Queen Experience


I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why do gay people in KL loves to go to La Queen.

Well, I first started spicing up my nightlife by frequently visiting to ‘Heaven’. Back then, ‘Heaven’ was the bomb of all clubs around town. Situated at the vicinity of Sunway Resort, it was a nearby club for me.

When I read about gay clubs on the net, such as the now defunct Liquid Bar & The Disco, Blueboy, Frangipani and such, La Queen wasn’t in existent.

Slowly, the amount of gay clubs in KL started to boom like mushrooms. Bliss came up, Nouvo and such.

During the times, my clubbing days were strictly to straight clubs. First it was just places within my reach. Then, it moved on to clubs in KL.

After a while, the whole straight club clubbing scene got boring. I needed a little adventure. This one day, I went to Liquid Bar, it was a Thursday, and we were enjoying ourselves in the bar drinking Kampai. The waitress was very friendly, in fact, they left a very good impression, that I went back again the following day.

The next day, when we went back, the manager recognized us. The bartender greeted us as if we were long time customers of theirs. It was then my usual hang out spot for a night’s drink, and a few nice head banging songs during the weekend.

Alternatively, I were also frequently at Thai Club, where we would drink and party and drink and more party into the wee hours in the morning. It was life, it was happening, it was … boring.

Back in Liquid Bar, I had actually had a few encounters. The one that I was fond over the years was when I met with a boy who we were so into each other, the boy can’t wait till we got home, and gave me a head right at the place where they put barrels of Calsberg beer canisters. It was fun, and exiting. It was my second person that I had sex back out in the open.

I had that fair share of experience in Thai Club. The guy was drunk, I was drunk, I am pretty sure he wasn’t gay, but I guess he do not mind a mouth sucking on his 6 incher hard cock when we were at a more private area. We did not make it back home of course, he had followed his girl friends back.

When both Thai Club and Liquid were out of reach because we did not feel like going back, we went to check out Ruums. The place was okay, really nice solid bass with nice solid spins from the resident DJ, but unfortunately they need to do something with the acoustics.

I thought of giving La Queen a try when I was invited by Hamster to join him. Entrance was RM28, pretty decent, I thought. I paid and went in.

Immediately, I was attacked by this stench of foul smell. Not that bad still, but you know, those wet ‘moldish’ smell that you get when you put your laundry out in the rain. That kind.

Well, I thought I could pass that. When I went over to the bar, and requested for my complementary drink from the bar, and I got my drink. Without looking, I took a first sip.

I almost spit it out. Not because the drink was as bad as the foul smell, but they were serving Coke! Why the hell would I want to pay RM28 and then being served with Coke?

I drag my boy friend out from the place, and swear never to go back again.

We went over to Thai Club instead.

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2 Responses to My La Queen Experience

  1. clement July 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    Thanks for the info cedric. I tot of going there as well. Thanks for sharing. Might as well go to place that worth our money.

    I guess i am kinda like you. Boring in life and wanted to venture into new things…

    Take care and have a nice day…

  2. Cedric Ang July 17, 2008 at 1:17 am #

    clement: Try S.I.N if you are around the area. Otherwise, Marketplace is a good choice too.