My iPhone 3G

Final­ly. I have got my hands to a iPhone 3G. Two actu­al­ly. 1 black, and 1 white.

Now, I am plan­ning to sell my iPhone 1.0. Any­one wants?

Well, lets drool on the pic­tures.

  1. cool. plan to get one but not finan­cial­ly sound at the moment .… isk.. isk… isk..

    by the way, wats da retail price now? and you are sell­ing at how much?

  2. Eugene, hehe thanks. Now I’m con­tem­plat­ing who will have the white and who will have the black. Maybe I give the white one to the boy, it sort of sig­nif­i­cant­ly sig­ni­fies pure and gen­tle. HEHE

  3. Jayzen, no not real­ly. 3G sucks the the life out of the bat­tery though. Too bad I can’t have a sec­ondary bat­tery like oth­er mobile phone.

  4. clement: Sor­ry dude, you are a cou­ple of min­utes too late. After I post­ed it, my bud­dy GTalk’ed me and bought it from me already.

  5. how did u man­age to get it acti­vat­ed and where did u buy it? how much too? i real­ly want the white one

    how much are you sell­ing iphone 1.0?

  6. sling: got it for about RM1100. Acti­vat­ed on Max­is.

    The 1.0 is sold. Sold it for RM1200.

  7. 1100? that’s a good deal! where did u buy it from? the states?

    and how did the acti­va­tion process go? sor­ry for the barg­ing of ques­tions, real­ly wan­na get an iphone 3g!