MSN Conversations

The banter of posting your email on a blog is having some anonymous people adding you on MSN.

Well the backhanded compliment part is that, they ask exactly the questions that you have forbid to answer. Questions and questions that make you seem like you were just some answering machine answering questions.

I like meeting people from the internet. In fact if things could bring me back a couple of years, the amount of people that I have met on the internet were just overwhelming.

Then again, there are also times where I hate meeting people online. In the front context, they want to make friends, but right behind that mind of theirs, they care about how their friends looks like, they care about the cock size, they care about the age, and believe it or not, they care about where the new friend stays too!

Just earlier someone added me to MSN. As a friend, I would love to chat about everything and just anything. Of course like any other online chatters, he ask about my picture, my age etc etc. Surprise surprise.

The irony of disliking IRC is because one could simply just change their nickname and pretend to be someone else. In MSN or any IM medium, the possibility of changing identity is a little lower compared to IRC. However, the trend of ‘asl’ or ‘intro pls’ never cease to disappear. Every now and then, I still get the same thing in my MSN, and their excuse is that I somehow have magically changed my name. Like real.

I still could not understand the significance of asking for ‘asl’. Age changes in time, gender change can be done, and neither do I want to stay at the same place for the rest of my life. So what significant did it make knowing the ‘asl’?

Okay, perhaps there are some temporary pleasure of knowing someone’s age. Maybe they are looking for specific type of person that they can relate with. Well for that it’s fine because it’s going to be a one night stand anyways. Or perhaps you liked this person and you want to know more about him. You ask his age, he tells you his cock length and you were pretty impressed with the answer that you want. However, you seem to have lost that fond memory of your dream guy a few days down the road; you asked for ‘asl’ again.

So why do you still continue your ways of chatting? I mean, if being a friend is all about the age the sex and the location, then might as well just hang a banner on your neck what kind of friends you are looking for, and relocate yourself to the strategic locations. Much more simpler right?

The thing is, I prefer a more steamy conversation to a ‘hi asl pls’ kind of conversation. If I want someone to talk about asl, I can always go on IRC. I think they still exist there.

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4 Responses to MSN Conversations

  1. famezgay December 26, 2007 at 7:34 am #

    haha… I normally will just blacklist those guy that ask my asl when we started chatting.. I wonder does ASL soo important… anyway somemore I don’t have that appealing weight and height [email protected]

  2. James December 26, 2007 at 4:23 am #

    Maybe you, yourself should ask the same question.

    Is it all about whether the other person is hot or otherwise? Is it vital to know another person’s cock size when having the first conversation? and what’s wrong with asking your location? You’d definitely ask the other person.

    More outrageously, is it some test that you’re conducting asking whether the other guy would marry you? and with the wrong answer, you brush others off?

    Adding a contact in MSN is a step into knowing others. I find that you are intellectual to a certain extent, however it does not make you all righteous. Surely, getting to know you may create a mutual understanding and much more, and I’m sure that you’re not just about sex.

    If you are, it’s sad to say that your life will hardly have lasting friendship.

  3. Cedric Ang December 26, 2007 at 9:57 am #

    James, Asking if a person is hot or not is totally different in context. Besides, what if you are hot in the eyes of others, but I prefer cute and young looking guys? Would you still be considered as ‘hot’ in my books?

    You totally get the point wrong. Asking if you were going to marry me, because you are asking questions like you are my future mother in law; where I study, how old am I. Yes, I brushed you off because you don’t seem to get it. Sadly, you don’t have the chance to know me more to judge if I have friends that last.

  4. Cedric Ang December 26, 2007 at 9:57 am #

    Famez, To some people, ASL is like life or death. Give it to me or else.