Morning at Kanata’s room

This is a continuation of my previous post, Night in a Japanese Gay Bar

It was morning in Japan when you can hear birds chirping. The morning sun peeked from the curtain, and shine in to Kanata’s room.

Before I continue, let me warn you that this post is going to be ‘expressed’; I will not be checking on my spellings, and I would not be bothered if I am grammatically right. At such ungodly hours, this is the best that I can do (and probably laughing at myself later)

I could feel Kanata’s breath landing on my face in the early spring morning. I looked at Kanata’s closed eyes, I put out an arm, and tried to hold him closer to me.

In Bed
Picture stolen from Nase

Kanata startled a little, but he snugged in towards me. I hugged him tighter.

I could felt a warm hand touching me. I must have dozed off. Kanata is now half awake, kissing me on the lips, and hugging me. I put my hand on his head, stroking his soft hair, also as a gesture to let him know that I am awake, and approved the pleasures that he is giving me.

I pushed his head gently towards my nipple. His soft lips touched my nipples, and his tongue gently worked on it. I let out a soft moan when he bite my nipple between his lips and his teeth.

It was when I felt my cock being sucked, that I realized that I had dozed off again. His suck was powerful, and yet gentle. I could feel his soft wet lips brushing against the skin, all over my shaft, and back up again.

He reached out for the bottle of lubricant that was conveniently beside where we were. He smeared a little on his finger, and aimed his finger to my anal opening. Almost without warning, he shoved his finger into me, and I let out a cry. It was painful, yet nice.

Kanata was worried that he might have hurt me. I did not say anything. A couple of minutes later, I guided his hand in, and he started to suck me and fingering me at the same time.

I got even hornier, and that finger isn’t enough for me. I asked Kanata to fuck me.

Obligating, he lubricated himself, put up my legs and aimed to the love tunnel. He slide in quite hard, and my body tensed up from the sudden intrusion. Kanata got nervous and wanted to pull out, I stopped him just in time.

It was after a while more that I relax. I pulled Kanata nearer to me, planting more of his 6 incher cock inside me. I pulled Kanata closer towards me, kissing his lips. His thrust became more rapid, and more violent each time. It was about 40 minutes we were in that position, and I wanted him to change to another. I broke the kiss and at the same time I felt his body tensed up. In no time, I felt my love tunnel being filled with his cock juice. It was too late.

I continue kissing him, stroking his back. While his cock is still inside me, throbbing and hard, I asked if he would want another round. He nodded.

Laying him on his back, I worked on his nipple, gently to his cock.

Kanata has got this nice body shape. Not too skinny, but sports a visible 6 packs. Isn’t too buff, but you can see signs and labours of working out. I stopped and licked his abs.

I got him to kneel in front of me, with his throbbing member, I kneel in front of him, back facing him.

This time, I guided his cock in me.

He started with a slow but firm thrust. It felt like we are lovers making love instead of having sex. The slow rhythm of love making, wanted to feel every inch of your partner, which is exactly what is going on in my mind.

His thrust was powerful and deep. Every successful thrust of his sends jolts of excitement up my spine. I felt my cock wet, and involuntarily, I came.

I came 7 or 8 times that session. It was the first time that I had had such great orgasm. I was embarrased by the mess I left behind, and Kanata probably saw that in my eyes. In return, he bend down, and licked my cum from the tatami, while looking sheepishly towards me into my eyes.

We both kissed, and clean ourself up.

They say, it is always the good bye that is hard. When Kanata sent me back to my hotel, I felt that burden to say good bye to him. I did gave him my number, and contact so that he could add me up if he gets online. He nodded.

Our language is our only barrier. I found out that it was Kanata’s first time that morning when he fucked me. It was great, even for a first timer. I guess, Japanese porn do have its benefits, sometimes.

A busy body friend of mine asked, when I relate the story to him, whether did Kanata fucked me with piak piak piak sound. I guess, it’s up to you to imagine.

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7 Responses to Morning at Kanata’s room

  1. thehappygolucky1 May 8, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

    wowww for the first timer, he can make u cum so many times, he must be the god of sex-to-be…. 😛

    • Cedric Ang May 8, 2009 at 3:04 pm #


      Yes, and I am lucky that I was his first.

  2. Ban May 11, 2009 at 2:51 am #

    …you felt it literarily? Please tell me you used condoms. >.<

  3. cyrus May 11, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

    should be fantastic rite… jealous…~~

    • Cedric Ang May 11, 2009 at 6:20 pm #


      HAHAHAHA .. it was fantastic. I never expect a virgin boy to be fucking like hamsters 😛

  4. Twilight May 12, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    Oh my, you so brave dude!

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