Missing in action

It seems like people noticed that when I have stopped blogging for a while there.

Well, I did not do it with any intention; I was merely busy with stuffs back home.

Chinese New Year celebration has been great. It is a time where meeting cousins is never a task, but a sheer pleasure. I mean, who would be burdened to be seeing their cute adorable cousin to grown up to be a handsome and most importantly legal, young man?

If it wasn’t for the comments left by my readers, I could have drifted into a solemn state of mind thinking, and perhaps fantasizing that nice body of my cousin. Young as he is, he is nicely tanned with nice broad shoulders. Upon that covered cloth, is a nicely proportioned 6 pack of muscular with a slight hint of baby fat still underneath it.

His face is still protected, no freckles, no zits. Still as smooth as a baby’s buttock.

Seeing him grown for the past years has been a pleasure. I always had imagined him to grown up a handsome young lad, but I should have let my imagination run wilder as the result of the ‘imagination’ were way beyond imagination.

Aunt loves pampering us with her love. She shower us whenever she has got the chance to. Scrubbing our back where our little hands could not reach.

Things are the same with cousin, only a couple years back, cousin refused to let her bath him as he slowly grow into puberty. I guess we all know what it meant.

I guess I get drifted away too easily. This post was about me being missing from the blog, not about my cousin. Perhaps in another post.

So, Chinese New Year is great. We get to get together, burning fire crackers and scare the shit out of the neighbor’s dogs and stuffs like that. Food was abundant but sadly and surprisingly, I did not gain any weight this year. A good thing, of course seeing that I am slowly losing out on my six pack due to excessive body fat.

Then again, that was just Chinese New Year? What about the other days that I was not posting anything?

Maybe I was just lazy. Tee Hee!

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  1. Eugene February 12, 2008 at 12:16 pm #

    Happy Chinese New Year