Meeting someone new

Mentioned in my previous post, I had met John.

John, were sitting beside me when we were at the orientation hall. While I was chatting on MSN, I saw from the corner of my eyes that John was peeping.

Well, without bad intention actually; he was curious how did I signed on to MSN, while the varsity’s firewall had blocked almost three quarter of the World Wide Web.

It almost the perfect excuse to know each other. Well at least it wasn’t the usual “Hi I am John, nice to meet you” silent type of conversation.

John was pretty impressed of the pictures that I have taken around the varsity. John was looking at the pictures that I had taken, and he whispered to me. “You are using a Nikon, aren’t you? I can see it from the colors of you pictures.”

It was that that got us bitching about how Canon could not represents the colors properly, and such and how Nikon stands on more in terms of colors representation. It was that this little thing that got us closer, and talking like we have known each other for ages.

John was the talkative one, and without me realizing it, I started chatting with him quite openly as well.

We spend our lunch time at the varsity’s cafeteria, and then we went over to central park. Time flies when you are spending it together, and it was evening when we realized it. When we went back to the varsity to grab our stuffs, the view of the sunset is so nice that I could not resist to take a picture of it.


I invited John over to my place, and I cooked him a meal while he was looking at pictures that I had on my Adobe Lightroom. He liked a lot of them, and asked me to teach him how to take those pictures. We sip on our wine on my balcony, and starting chatting again.

UntitledMunching on the fresh cherries that I bought, we talked about our live stories. John was born in Ipoh back in Malaysia, and has been staying in Singapore since. It was quite an interesting story of himself. We had fun feeding each other of course, with the occasion glance stealing. It was fun, and the conversation was good. Couple with the wine, just make the whole thing much more easier.

As the weather got cold, we went back in to the loft. I set up the fireplace, and we had a game of chess. I am not sure if John was really that bad player, or he just want to let the younger boy win. I had won so many times that if we had bet to take off a piece of clothing for every game he lose, I would have stripped him past 5 minutes of each game.



John saw my guitar lying around near to my bed. Yes, besides taking pictures, I pay the guitar as well. John was playing a few of my favorite tunes. His singing along with the guitar was fantastic, I swear that I paid my attention to his voice and his beautiful face. it got late that night, we put everything aside. It was too late for John to go back to Brooklyn as well, I could have sent him back, but I suggested that he could stay over for the night.

Sporting with a white brief boxer, John tug himself in beside me on the bed. It was fairly cold that night (I purposely turned down the heater) and I hugged John.

The night ended quite well, but I will save the details for later. Till then.

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6 Responses to Meeting someone new

  1. Andrew.C May 22, 2009 at 7:42 pm #

    So sentimental… gosh… you make me wish i’m in your shoes. (or flip flops) lol!

    And you take really really vibrant photos!

    • Cedric Ang May 22, 2009 at 8:54 pm #


      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. koala May 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

    hahaha… wat can i say. now some ppl got john aledi. wahaha… i’m glad ur happy n carry on 🙂

  3. cyid May 23, 2009 at 5:28 am #

    lol… thanx for not making us hang on the edge of the cliff too long! 😀 Aww… shueeeeeeeeeet. John sounds like a really nice guy 😀 and yeah, your pictures are really great!

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