Me worry about me

I guess I have been too accustomed to having things in my mind than to put it up on the blog.

This bad habit has to go, soon.


It kinda saddens me that when I load up the page and see that no one has been commenting on it; I used to have people commenting all the time, and the pathetic me goes into a melodramatic mode, and that worries me.

Funny, me worry about me.

I have been moving around too much, often only enough time for myself to catch a sleep. When I am on the job, I usually only have a very minute amount of time. Like they say, pee also no time.

Probably the reason why I do that to myself is to put away things that I do not want to remember. Then the other part of me wants that to be a memory. Then again, what else is there to remember casino in Oklahoma but a pathetic and miserably failed relationship that I have.

I mean, what else to talk about beside that pathetic relationship here, almost nothing else, or at least for as much as I could remember what I have blogged this year, nothing.


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  1. ivn November 20, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    Hey…we never really talked, I used to keep up blog at sketchyminds.blogspot, you’re one of the few that left a comment there…I just browsing my long, forbidden blog when I stumbled upon your comment that traced me to your blog… Well, I just read your latest post here and just wanna say, cheer up, keep blogging! It uised to really made my day back then, I think I might continue…if Im not too busy…or if I can really put myself through to draw again… Hmm…just random blabbing here, don’t mind me, I think I need to sleep now, haha..goodnight

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