Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

The outing to Marketplace was definitely the first time experience for me. Tuck away from the usual ‘hot spots’ of bars and drunkards. Nicely composed with the Petronas Twin Towers at the background, MarketPlace KL is situated at Lorong Yap Kuan Seng. Tuck within the city, it is a makeshift 2 story bungalow. The subtle lighting from the nearby towers give it a glow, one would then wonder, how much does Petronas pay for their electricity bill.

The night started when we decided to head over to SIN, I was having the assumption that it was a ‘Madonna’ event since I was exclusively invited by the manager themselves. Sadly, silly me made a mistake, it was a Underwear Model theme on Saturday, and ‘Madonna’ was the day before. Underwear theme would be fun, drooling over almost naked models does send the mind into the fantasy land.

Of course, we were kicked out from SIN because Jay was underage to enter a club. Poor Jay.

We wanted to check out Thai Club which is opposite. I am always fond of that place, the memories, the eye candies, and of course, the Thai boy that is working there. The crowd? So so as Frankie puts it, I would agree too seeing how not crowded the place was. Eye candies? Can’t spot any.

While we were hanging out at the entrance of Thai Club, an eye candy walk pass me, just merely a feet away, I could almost smell the cologne that he was wearing. Sporting a short and neatly cut hair, he has got this facial complexion that one could only dream of. Not too tall, and just the right height for my liking; Just as the eye candy walked passed, I saw that view that I was very familiar with, it was Hamster. Hamster did not seem to have noticed me, never mind, I called him on his cell, and he was on the way to some water hole to get his tummy medicated. I asked, is there a guy that is wearing a brown stripe shirt with him, he said yes.

Delighted, me, Frankie and Jay headed towards Hamster. Never mind being kicked out from SIN, at least we have an eye candy to stare at for the next couple of minutes. Apparently, Mr Eye Candy is a friend of Lester, in fact, they are good friends. The ‘Off Limits’ alarm came on violently to my mind.

The other group that was with Hamster wanted to stay there, at La Queen. It is a dreadful place to be in, but that is another story for another time. We head over to Marketplace, where the crowd was not too good. We were wondering if our combination of appearance actually make all the clubbers go away, I mean, first it was the [empty S.I.N]( Saturday outing”), then now this? Something must have been gone really wrong here.

We ordered a couple of drinks, trying to get high from drinking while staring at the empty dance floor. Jay has got a few eyes laid on him, some really nice gentlemen at the end of the bar bought me a few drinks.

It was almost midnight that the crowd started to gather around the dance floor. As the people have told me beforehand, MarketPlace is for muscle guys. It was true, everyone you see there, either come with extremely tight tops, or bulging biceps. It was tempting to just jump over and touch those nicely define chest and biceps, purely an indulgence by itself.

As the music gets better, the crowd gets even better. With the small dance floor, it was overly over crowded. While I did retreat to the bar for a couple of times to ease myself from the sweats and the body heat, a few more drinks come to me by some unknown. I got a few notes with phone numbers, Adrian, Jason and Lincoln. Nice names, I thought.

Drunk and tired, we went over to the mamak next door. You then thought nothing else happen, in fact something really kinky and hot happened that night. But of course, that would be another story to tell.

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2 Responses to Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Queer Ranter July 1, 2008 at 6:40 pm #

    Next round! Clubbing is like my cardio now. 😛

  2. Cedric Ang July 2, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    Yes, we must try this again.

    Next round, I gonna bring another boy.