Back in 1995, I met this boy called Mark.

It was then Chinese New Year’s school holiday and I was coming back from hometown. My parents stopped by Subang Parade’s Kenny Roger for dinner. I then saw Mark in black shirt and nice baggy pants with black cap.

Back to school, I again saw this boy. He was at the same school as me. He being in Form 1, just newly registered, I was pretty happy.

He joined the same club as me. Me being the president of the club, I have access to the club’s room.

I teach him a lot of things during the process. One of the Saturdays, which was supposed to be a holiday, I called him over to the club house, telling him that there will be a meeting. When he was here, he felt odd because the other members were not there.

I took him to the room, and chatted with him a little. I hugged his soft but firm body. He did not resist. I put my hand down to his pants, indicating that I want to take his pants off. He did not resist that either.

Somehow, I could not work his pants buckle, my hand already found its way to his private part thru his zip. He unbuckle himself and that acts as a permission for me to go ahead.

I fondle him a while, hugging him from the back. His soft hair, soft body is so nice to hug.

I asked him to lie down on the table, kissing him on the cheek, down to the neck. I sucked his small dick for a while. I wanted to fuck him, but perhaps I felt weird at that moment.

We washed up after that at the toilet next to the club room. I sent him back.

Few years from then, I tried to contact Mark. I saw him online once, and I related this incident to him. He don’t remember a single bit of it. I thought he must have hated it so much that he choosed to forget about it. He told me about an accident that happened to him where he lost his memory. Sounds like a fairy tale to me but who am I to judge? Maybe I should just let it be that way.

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