Malaysian’s sex education system

When I was in Form 3, I enjoyed reading the chapter of my science book where they talk about the human production system. Back then, that was the first formal ‘sex education’ that I have got.

No, I can’t call it the sex education because there is just that much about sex. There were no guidance of how to use a condom, whether boy and boy sex is correct, or whether anal sex is illegal.

To make the matter even worst, a few friends that I know told me that their teacher just skip the whole chapter completely, and ask them to ‘go home and read’.

I would protest that the government dictate that in schools sex education is injected to the system. I must protest that the government is just full of lies.

Yet, no one complained that there is no proper sex ed in the education system. I supposed it’s because the informal sex education system has supersedes the formal one. Don’t you think so? Well think this.

Just around the neighborhood’s pasar malam, you have people operating the pirated DVD stalls blatantly displaying their products. Father and kid shopping for pirated DVDs and of course, X rated movies are just side by side. The informal sex education speaks more publicly than the formal one, why do you think there were so much misinformation out there?

Porn are made to satisfy the viewers. Which explains why the ladies in the film moans and screams extra loudly. They are called a performer/actor for that sole reason. Actual sex do not and should not be painful. Pain is a receptor for the body telling us that something is wrong. If you are feeling painful, you should stop!

People say the curiosity is what kills the cat. One do not need to have any political status, or any other status to walk in a pasar malam to find out about X rated movies. One might feel curious how does it feel to be fucking a girl, without a proper warning of HIV/AIDS, or the consequences of pre-marital sex, or sex without protection. All they want are just lust and the feeling rubbing on glands of their penis. I am sure my hand can do that, and perhaps a better job too.

No one should deny that sex education is important to curb a lot of sexual crimes in Malaysia. Before you cry foul, I shall add, not to stop, but to lessen the occurrence of sexual crimes in Malaysia. I believe that is a good way to start, unless all of these gets political.


2 Responses to Malaysian’s sex education system

  1. azhan January 1, 2008 at 2:02 am #

    interesting thought.

    see what went up with the health minister now.

    you brought a good idea for better education in this country!

  2. Cedric Ang January 2, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    azhan, if you read my newer entry, you will see my take on the whole sex scandal thing.