Making love with Jenn

I talked about how I have met Jenn. Of recent days, i suddenly thought of him.

Blame Sex in the City for that.

I was on the bed the day before, thinking back the same moment when I had Jenn with me. I remembered we had a very good chat. He being chatty, and perhaps me in the mood. The atmosphere in the car that night was very lively, if I were to make comparison with the other nights with other strangers.

It was a very pleasurable ride on that night. I don’t exactly remember what was it that we talked about, but I am sure Jenn did not touch on the sensitive issues.

I remember taking off his pants. I did that because he is such a cutie; When I first saw his picture in Faceparty, (back then Faceparty is the in thing) I was immediately interested in him. Although his age was a little let down, I put my gut instinct into play, and went over to his place to pick him up.

He sports almost the same size cock that I have. 5.5 inches of boy meat within my grasp, thick and not too overly crowded with pubic hair.

I took the first mouthful of his cock into my mouth. He let go a soft moan. Both of us were already rock hard. I guess we were just waiting to be pleasured.

He turned me around, and started working on my cock. He instructed me to lie down on the bed, and he went over the other end. It was a 69, perfect height for both of us, and we were not stressing too much to such on each other’s cock which in return being sucked at.

Reluctantly, I asked him if he wants me to fuck him. He nodded and agreed. I say reluctantly because he was this cute little thing that you want to make love with him, but on the other hand, you don’t want to because he is too darn adorable. He lie down beside me, turning his back towards me, and I turned over placing my cock directly outside of his love hole.

I started rubbing my cock head on him, he liked it. He hold me by my hand, pulling my hand to make me hug him tighter. I reached out for the lubricant and smeared some on my eager cock head, and I entered him.

He put some resistance at first. I guess it was because he wasn’t prepared for the thickness that I have. I stopped, and wait. He hold me by my hips, and gently pulling me towards him. I took that as a signal that he is ready for more. Slowly, I pushed in.

It wasn’t that long for me to enter him completely, mainly he was a little loose on his end. I wasn’t complaining. It was just the right amount of pressure and his lose ends were hugging my cock just nice. Not too tight that it would cause some discomfort.

Both of us were enjoying the presents of each other. He turned around and give me a kiss, I don’t normally kiss my one night stands, but I did this time. He was too adorable to not be kissed.

He turned me over, placing my cock right before his opening and slowly lowered down himself. It was not too long that he was riding on me. I like it because it was comfortable, boy has got his butt meat just nice.

I guess it was almost an hour or so, minus the foreplay. I was almost cumming. I turned him over, and me lying down on his back, slowly enjoy the final moment.

I shot my cum inside him.

He turned me over, sitting on my cock, jerking himself. I was tired for all that. I was holding his cock, my eyes peeking at him. In the dark, he reminded me of a very adorable boy that I used to like.

After that session, Jenn had ignored my calls. My SMS to him only to return back with a “Who is this?” message. It happened every time, that I now forbid myself into sending him any text messages.

I saw him again back in my old working place. This time, it was the day time, and I can see him more clearly. He is so damn fucking adorable, that I can’t help but to kept on staring at him. He must have felt that, and shy away from my constant staring.

Now, I wonder, how is he doing? I really did not want it to end as a one night stand, perhaps it was what he wishes, but it did not seem that way. Am I just being too hopeful that he would think otherwise? How is he doing? Is he as successful as everyone wants him to be? Has he got someone that love him as much as I would want to love him? Is he still the playboy that is still looking for sex somewhere on the Internet? The thoughts just bothers me even more…

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2 Responses to Making love with Jenn

  1. clement July 22, 2008 at 5:09 pm #


    how does it feel to kiss a guy?

  2. Cedric Ang July 23, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    clement, well .. I am about to blog about the first kiss. Maybe you can see from there.