LittleBoy & Jeffry



Met LittleBoy(Kenry) and Hurtez (Jeffry) on friendster. Have got their MSN and am chatting with them.

I do not know how shall I approach them. I am using Michelle as my approach this time.

When I was talking with Kenry, he sounded really interested in meeting up. He is staying in Cheras but when we had the conversation, he was at Sunway. He could have told me earlier as we could have come out for some fun.

He told me that he had had blowjobs from this girl that is older than him. He seems to be having a huge asset from his description but I would not know the truth until I see him. We decided to meet up nearby his place for a quick one.

I am not too sure about him, I think it is the first time he is meeting strangers. He even argued with me that I am driving a stupid Proton. How can NOT know what car am I driving?

Anyways, I was so full of hope that he would follow me back, it seems that he freaked out and I guess that was the end of it. He looked damn cute in the picture but when I saw him in Sunway, he looked so much more different.

Jeffry on the hand, looks cute too. He just posted his new picture on friendster and he seems a bit mature. His baby face is gone now.

But I don’t like much about him. He knows MaxtZ, a boy that I will blog about later.

Jeffry also got a friend who wants to have fun with Michelle, the story seems to be too perfect, maybe they did fell for it. That I would never know.

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