Lazy for work

It is the 2nd day that I have left my office without any notice.

I needed to take the time off for the time being. Need to rest the soul as they say.

Coincidently, yesterday I was at Pavilion’s Starbucks when I got online. I saw a bunch of friends that I had not met for a very long time.

We had fun catching up, after years of not being in contact with them. They are the very first gay couple that I have known.

How many years was that ? 7 years ? At least. I remember vividly that I was so fondly in love with him before he met his boy friend. In fact, I was the one that got them together. I brought them out together. They worked things out, and has been a couple since then. 7 long freaking years.

They know me as a swinger back then. Both of them know it well enough that I have been with both of them before. Michael sport a sporty look, and Jack sports a more mature working class look. They were 16 when I first met them.

Catching up with old friends could be so exciting. Michael is still in the midst of finishing his studies, while Jack just got into a big corporate. Both of them are happy on how things are going, and both are happy that both of them are sharing their life with each other.

Then the forbidden question asked. How is my love life? Am I seeing anyone yet? What are my plans?

I can’t tell them about L, no not after so long we’ve been out of touch. I don’t want them to be judgmental about it. I know that they would support my decisions, but I just would like to kept it that way, silent for now.

I remember the time when I met Michael and Jack. Both of them were having their school holiday. They did not know each other, and are from different school. During the school holiday, I brought them to Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating rink for some fun, both of them just started to know each other.

That night, it was also my first time enjoying sex with both of them at the same time. The images of them being naked in front of my in my showers totally turned me on. We had a great time fucking, and sucking each other.

Things did not end that way, instead, we got together for a couple more times, before one day when Jack tell me that he has got feelings for Michael, but he wasn’t sure from the mixed signals that Michael is giving him. Michael on the other hand, sensed that Jack was trying something, but wasn’t sure. I went in to give them a little hand. Making them kiss in front of me just put all the senses together for them. I supposed it was the kiss that made them together, or was it the blowjob; I really do not know.

Seeing them being happy makes me happy.

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