Last year in secondary school

I am going to relate my experience in secondary school. When I was in my final year, we had a new gym teacher. His name was Harry. He is this guai lou, from the US, I think. He was in my school for two years under some exchange programme. And he was nearing the end of his contract with my school. Harry was very athletic. Everyone knows that he was very interested in all kinds of sports.

On one occasion, the whole school was gathered in the school hall for some concert put up by students. My class had put up a performance too. After the performance, when we were leaving the school hall, Harry came up to me. I asked him how the performance was. Harry told me that my class had performed well in the concert and asked me when I was going to perform for him. Although I realized that statement had some sexual connotation, I just smiled and told him that I could do it anytime. Immediately Harry asked me if I would like to have lunch with him.

I agreed and went with him. We were in the school canteen having food and talking about anything under the sun. What started off as lunch lasted till tea-break. By then, the school was empty except for a few care takers. He invited me to his office to show me some of his old photographs that he had taken in his hometown. Both of us went up to his room.

Harry’s office was rather big. He had his own shower room (’cause he was a gym teacher and constantly needed to shower himself). Once we were in his office, Harry closed and locked his door. He told me that he was going to take a shower and that in the mean time I could go through some magazines that were forbidden here. The magazines that he was refering to were all gay stuff. There were explicit pictures of guys with enormous dicks, guys cumming, penetration etc. You name it, you have it.

While I was leaving through the pages of the magazines, my dick started to take a life of its own. I just couldn’t help it. It probably felt like a trapped animal in a cage. It was dying to be freed. But what could I do? At that very moment Harry came out of the shower clad only in a big white towel. His tanned body practically glowed against the white towel. I couldn’t help it but steal occasional glances at him. Droplets of water were still dripping from his hair. He just looked at me without saying anything. I could lie about how horny I was feeling at that point of time; but that was only waist up. Below my waist, I was definitely hard and it showed against my school uniform. I tired covering it with a magazine but Harry had noticed. He came over and with a smile asked me if I wanted to touch his dick.

Of course I wanted to. I just gave him a sheepish grin and nodded my head. He told me to go ahead and just stood there without doing anything. I would have preferred him to initiate it, but he wanted me to. So I did. While still sitting, I parted his towel and out sprang his 9″ glory; all hard and moist and completely ready to be sucked. I undid his towel and it fell onto the floor. Harry clasped my face with both his hands and made me rise. Standing so close to Harry with his dick brushing against mine… felt soooooo good.

Harry started kissing me. He started kissing like I’ve never been kissed before. He parted my lips with his tongue and explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I closed my eyes. Was I dreaming? Here I was with my gym teacher having one hell of a great time! He started unbuttoning my school uniform. It was more like ripping my cothes off. I started assisting him with the process.

Now, completely naked, I stood in front of him waiting to be….I just didn’t know!

Harry pushed me aginst the wall. He placed his hands over my shoulders against the wall. I was trapped. He started getting extremely close. So much so that I could hear him breathe, I could feel his breath. Have you ever smelled a man who has just got out of shower? Well, that’s how Harry smelled. A distinctively clean smell. And this mixed with the smell of tobacco (he was a smoker).

The mixture of the two smells really made me hard. Our dicks were dissipiating so much heat and we felt the heat against each other. Harry cupped my right ear lope with his soft lips. I simply melted. “I want to fuck you”, he whispered in his husky voice. Then he continued, “Do you want me to fuck you real hard?”. All I could manage was a small “yes”. Yet again it came as a moan.

I felt Harry’s right hand on my back. His fingers were moving down my back…….with his other hand, he brought my head closer to his……..his hand had just traced the contours of my back and were about to touch my ass…….our lips met again, our tongues expored again……….I felt him squeeeeeeezing my butt (or cheeks) and then I felt a sharp pain.

A pain so sharp that I voluntarily fell forward onto Harry.

Harry had just made an attempt to finger me. My small shriek (or groan) must have been a turn-on for Harry. He just turned me around and made me bend over. He was in control. He spread my cheeks. I felt him……., hot and moist, at my rear entrance. Harry started thrusting slowly…..I felt a sharp pain…..he was gentle and retreated and then came in again……the pain returned….I felt him inside me again but not totally inside……I couldn’t take it. I moved away.

I told Harry I couldn’t do it because it was painful. He tried coercing me into it again but I was firm. My gym teacher being a gentleman, just patted me on my shoulder and went into the shower again with his towel.

I got dressed and left.

I do not know why I left that day. Reflecting on that incident, I think the pain I felt was more due to guilt than physical. Anyway, I’ve always replayed that moment everyday when I’m in private. I’ve always created new endings to that incident. It has always made me hard.

I never did discuss that incident with anyone after that. As for Harry, he is now back in his country still coaching high school boys. Ironical isn’t it? How he makes boys physically strongly but yet weak in their knees……or maybe it was just my experience. We are still in touch though via email.

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