Kelvin and Shinya

Went to the night market to join Alan and his girl friend. There were a boy holding shih tzu puppy.

I did not notice who is that boy as my view was blocked for a bit. To my disgust it was Shinya when I noticed another boy standing beside him was Kelvin. That kiddo that was holding the puppy, is Shinya

Now, why do I hate Kelvin that much?

I met Kelvin when he was about 17 or 18 years old. When he come to KL, he will come look for me, perhaps for sex, or just a company. We fucked a few times and he claimed that I was the first person to have fucked him.

I don’t like Kelvin at all, call me cruel but I treat him strictly as my sex partner, someone for me to fuck and someone that sucks me. I don’t remember myself sucking him, but I did remember asking him to fuck me but it did not go well, I rejected him when he was almost in.

One thing that I don’t like about him is when he is over at my place. I would not mind if he would want to use the washroom to wash up, but does he need to go to the washroom naked? What if my parents came out from their room and see a naked boy with his dick sticking out of his body?

I hinted him, it went better, he used a towel the next time he came over, but what’s the use when the tower clearly shows a dick sticking out from it? Perhaps that is what he do when he is back home, definitely not fine to me.

I like to force him to suck me. Often he just give it a lick, and that’s it. I try anything to make my dick stuck inside his mouth, often shoving it in deep into his mouth. It was fun.

I like it the most when I force myself to fuck him. Not that he did not agree about the fuck, but about the pain of it. I always fuck him as hard and as rough as I want, there is no love with him, just lust and pure lust only.

After I am done, he would jack himself off. Lame.

Ah Chung told me that he had couple with Kelvin before. I remember Kelvin said something about having a cute boy from Selayang when I asked him over for one day.

A lot of bad things were being told to be about Ah Chung. I found out that Kelvin offer sex to people who are willing to fetch him around town. That never happened to me, I guess he must have been addicted to being fucked by me.

Shinya on the other hand, had broken up Ah Chung and his lala boy friend. Though I do not like him that much, I did try approaching him, hopefully able to fuck him and then let news spread back to his boy friend, Kelvin. That would be fun.

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