Kar Weng

It was this boy’s birthday. It was my friend’s Alan’s employer and I know Kar Weng’s brother since high school.

He was having his birthday party. I met Kenny there, which I will be blogging later on him. Kenny is cute too.

Kar Weng is not really that cute, to tell you the truth. He’s having his 14th birthday party.

I brought my playing cards the other day, I did some neat tricks to entertain the kids, and to find out who is that cute boy, which I get to know is Kenny.

I went back to grab some lube and a condom, since Kar Weng invited me in to sleep over with him.

We were watching some movies, I turned on Macross Zero for him and he seems to be enjoying it. I slowly lie down on his tummy and slowly going down to his crotch. I turned on a naughty show for him, and he asked me the stupid question “Why are we watching this kind of movie” Ignoring him, I just let him watch, and continue having the feel of his dick poking on my face.

I turn my head, my mouth now cupping his semi hard dick covered with his pants. I unbuttoned, he did not say no, and I continued. I continue playing with it, but he seems to be ammuned to being masturbated.

I close my notebook and I hugged him to sleep. He already wore back his pants, and was covered with a huge heavy blanket.

I took off his pants again, he dint say anything. I spit some saliva on my finger and slowly massage it in to his red hot hole. It went in quite easily. I was surprised.

I spit some to my prick, and it went in straight. I started pumping him deep and hard, he seems to love it, with slight moans. I asked him if its pain, he said no.

I woke up middle of the night, I fucked him again, Lifting his legs up this time, he moan slightly and disturbed from his sleep. I cum inside him and let him continue sleeping. I slept after that too.

I woke up in the late morning, he was still sound asleep. I took off his pants again, he gave way to make it easier to slide his pants down. I checked his hole, it was wide. I tried fucking him again, side ways, really deep. He clenched his eyes, indicating to me it was painful. I cum inside him again, and give him a light peck on the lips. Walking down stairs, everyone is still sleeping, I took a leak and went back up to his room again.

I was wondering, how can a boy his age be so nice to fuck? He’s not to be considered tight but just a nice fit for my huge dick. Maybe his brother is fucking him on a regular basis?

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