Joe and Ming Ming

I have got to admit, I was pretty surprised to find a lot of young kids in IRC nowadays. I chatted with 2 yesterday, one 13 and another 14.

Joe(13) and MingMing(14).

I had to admit that I am not quite convinced that Joe is as old as what he claimed he is, maybe he is just scared and shy. We chatted a little and MingMing wanted to come over to my place. I am broke as hell and I still haven got my pay cheque so I declined him. While still chatting with MingMing, Joe is also asking me all sorts of questions, which kinda make me horny.

MingMing is a little girlish, I called him and chatted for a while. It was too late for him to come over as the public transport is not available at that time. I like his voice, somewhat sweet to me.

I am going to meet up with MingMing on Saturday I think, hopefully my cheque cash in time.

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