Job Interview

Last Thursday was a great day for me.

Well, some may know that I am not actively looking for another job. Actively meaning that I send my resumes all around, making calls all around and such. Yes I am searching, just not actively.

A couple of days ago, I received a call from this head hunter company seeing if I am interested to work with this solution provider company. I thought why not just give it a try, and see how far can I go. Now, I have been head hunted many times over the past few weeks, but so far nothing had caught my interest yet, or nothing had caught anyone’s interest yet.

So I took half day’s leave, and went over. The meeting was set at 2.

It was not a easy place to miss, they have their own building build right smack of town. 5 Floors.

Buzz myself to get me in, and met with the Human Resource lady which pass me 3 forms to fill in. I find it odd because normally, you just need to fill up a form with particulars, and that’s about it.

I was then face with another 2 forms. One was the PAPI test, and another is test that test on your ability to examine the situation, and then make a ‘judgment call’ to it.

You have 2 containers labeled as 5 liters, and 3 liters. You have another container and unlimited amount of water. Fill the unmarked container with 4 liters of water.

I remembered this one from the show Die Hard, where Bruce Willis is trying to solve a puzzle given by the bomber to deactivate the bomb.

The solution was pretty easy, but I kept on trying to remember how did the sequence in the movie go. Until I realized that you can just fill up the 5 liter bottle, pour it over to the 3 liter bottle and you end up with 2 liters. That question took me almost 15 minutes mainly because I was trying too hard trying to remember the movie.

A family of 4 is trapped on an island that will vanish in 17 minutes. There is a bridge that can lead the family to safety. You must bring all 4 family members across the bridge.

However, each family members walk at the different speed. The father, 1 minute. The Mother, 2 minutes; The brother 5 minutes; The sister, 10 minutes. The fastest family member will have to follow the slowest family member’s speed. To protect the family from the stuffs that is destroying the island, there is a shield that can be used and only fit 2 person. Oh, the bridge can only let 2 person cross over at any one time safely.

After the questions, I was brought to the Senior Manager’s room where we had some chats about my past experience and what are my targets in working in the company.

The whole session only ended around 7PM that day. It was the longest interview session that I ever had, but nonetheless, I had very high confidence in taking the job.


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