Met Jien on IRC one fine night on my crusade looking for sex online.

I do not know why, but I just love having sex with total strangers, be it he is a cutie or not.

I saw Jien’s faceparty, thought that he is a little too old for me at first when he told me his age. Then again, his picture looked young and I thought why not give it a try. I kind of fall in love with him the moment I saw his picture actually.

We chatted for a bit arranging the meet up point and then I make my way to Setapak where he stays. Waited for a while for him to show up and I guess the wait was worth it to meet such a cutie.

We talked a lot during the trip home to Subang, I think it was the longest conversation I had with someone that I brought home.

I stripped him first, he’s got a almost the same size dick as mine, which I enjoy sucking it. Thought that his pubic hair is a little too much for my liking, but for him I guess it was okay. He sucked me quite a while too.

I love the part where he was kissing me. There is one part where I asked him if he wants a fuck, he actually said okay. I was quite reluctant to fuck him at first because he was too cute. Another part of me wanted to penetrate him badly, confused confused.

I got him from the back, it was a pretty easy in, he was quite loose but I think it was okay because we both are enjoying ourselves. He turned me over and sat on it, at a point where I am almost ejaculating and I push him over to another position.

I shot my cum inside him.

At a moment of time, when he was on top of me kissing me, I opened up my eyes and I thought I say Jason, the way Jien looked like in the dark, really mimic Jason. I really imagined myself making love with Jason, every inch of meat that I have penetrated. I am an asshole or what?

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