Jason and Michelle

Met a fellow blogger online. We did not talk much until few days ago when he started to talk with me. I think I had him in my list for almost 2 weeks already.

Reading from his blog, I can see that he is chinese educated. But I continue the chat with him with the simpest english that I can ever think of.

I do not really know how did the conversation started, but we did talk about masturbation and blowjobs. Jason told me about himself not experienced with sex. Coming from a chinese boys’ school Jason is not very exposed to the opposite sex. He also haven really had a relationship with girls.

After chatting with him, he admited that he had been sucked by a guy that he met from a popular online game. He also confessed that the person also tried to anal him but only for a while because of sheer pain. They were not using any lubrication.

He told me that the reason he let the person play with him is because he like the feeling and that he did not masturbate for that past few days. They masturbated together in the car, and they had meet up for a few times. Usually the guy would give Jason a blowjob until he cums.

I think Jason must have had the best blowjob ever. The conversation goes like this.

Jason : Hey, I’m almost cumming. Guy : suck suck Jason : spurt

It’s just orgasmic thinking of the situation. I really do not believe that Jason is not gay, or even a bisexual. How can he endure someone giving him a blowjob for five times? Maybe he just do not want to admit it?

Jason is a cute chap, he sent me his picture taken together with his classmate and immediately I could reconise him. Not that I have seen him before but he is just too cute compared to his other friends.

I introduced him to Michelle. Michelle is actually a character that I have created out of my imagination to talk with other boys. Sometimes because of my age, boys seldom talk to me and I thought a female character would be easier.

Jason was seduced by Michelle, and Michelle was making him cum all over. Jason told me that he masturbated looking at Michelle’s picture, which is some pictures of Lynn of Chuva.

I think Jason somehow found out that Michelle and me is actually the same person. Maybe because of our temper. I really need to improve on that. Because of the somewhat language barrier, it’s a bit hard to tell Jason that Michelle is playing a silly prank on him and that Michelle really likes Jason.

Jason was really angry yesterday, I think he is stressed because of his upcoming SPM examinations. For that I do not blame him. Really wish that I can fix this situation.

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