Jail cell story

As you have read in my entry, I was rounded up by our blue boys a couple days back because I was suspected of being a hooligan during the New Year’s celebration.

All I can say is, I am not guilty of whatever the blue boys had rounded me for being naughty at Gurney Drive and Esplanade area.

Heck, I do not even have a spray can with me, moreover I hate those cheap and inexpensive China made chemicals.

I guess the blue boys has got nothing better to do. When the release of CSL’s video, they can go door to door to pick up the DVD from alleged housewife. When Nurin or that poor little girl that gone missing, they just wait and see. In fact, I think the public is doing much more than the blue boys.

Does it have to do with the status of a person to launch an investigation? I remember once on a separate case, some China ladies and a Datuk’s son. The police have to bang on the doors of the China ladies middle of the night, and the Datok’s son got an invitation to come to the police station. What kinda double standard treatment is that ?

I can declare that I am the third generation of a Malaysia born Chinese. I call Malaysia my home, and not China. Then again, I can’t declare myself as a bumiputra, because the government do not let me do so. Why should I still call Malaysia my home?

Politics aside, in the jail cell, or some might call it a lockup, I think of that. The way the blue boys had questioned me doesn’t seem like questioning at all. They are trying to put words into my mouth, putting me at the crime scene even the evidence (or the lack of) points otherwise.

I always thought that boys in uniform are cute and sexy. However when I see our own blue boys with that belly, I could no longer imagine myself thinking of them as sexy. I mean, they are in uniform, uniform should not come in extra large size. I guess that’s what the nasi lemak and teh tarik for 5 times a day would do to your body. Don’t forget the roti canai as well.

I was released 24 hours later. I thought the other guy that was rounded up together with me was kinda cute. We were in the same lockup room. You know, with all these drug addicts, murderer, and etc, you just do not want to pick up the soap, if you know what I mean.

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  1. ninja9220 April 3, 2008 at 6:47 pm #

    This post is awesome. I’m impressed by your style – experienced blogger, huh? Added your blog to my favs.